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2023-2024 Seed Ordering - PREVIEW - Surplus round ordering begins March 1st and ends March 15th.

Surplus seeds are $10 per 20 packets with a maximum of 100 packets allowed. Your First Choices quantity should match the number of packets you wish to receive. Many of the Surplus seeds are in very short supply so you must list plenty of Second choices to receive your full portion.

Click on the seed name to open the Google search page for that seed name. Use alphabetical buttons or the search boxes below to refine the list. To view only Garden or Wild collected seed, use the Garden/Wild box. Use page numbers at the bottom to go to the next page of the list.

To select seed from within the seed list, click on the choice button you want for that item. To change the choice category click on one of the other options or “No” to unselect an item. Select many second choices to ensure you receive a full order. Only use Second choices (preferred) (2nd*) to indicate the Second choices selections you want the order fillers to pull first if they need to pull from second choices.

You may also enter your seed selections by using the grey Instant Add box. Ranges can only be added using the Instant Add box and only removed on the Your Selections page which is viewable by clicking the >>>Review your order so far button. To make changes to a range choice, you must first remove the listing for that range and then re-enter the new range selections in the Instant Add box. Ranges count as one choice (1 packet from the range will be selected).

Click on Finalize Order - Checkout button only when you are finished making your selections and ready to pay for your order.

Due to Phytosanitary restrictions, members from the European Union, UK, Australia, and Japan cannot order any moist packed seed and cannot place an order in the Surplus Round. Australia and New Zealand members may only order seeds permitted entry by their countries.

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
387 Campanula barbata pale blue 10-30cm 160 G
388 Campanula barbata pale-deep blue 10-30cm 39 141 G
389 Campanula betulifolia white/pink bud 10-20cm 35 G
390 Campanula carpatica blue-violet/purple 15-30cm 113 G
391 Campanula carpatica 'Rapido Blue' violet-blue 15-20cm 94 G
393 Campanula hofmannii creamy white 30-60cm 60 160 G
394 Campanula incurva pale blue-lilac to 30cm 59 G
395 Campanula latifolia violet blue 60-120cm 142 G
396 Campanula medium violet-blue 60-80cm 99 G
397 Campanula moesiaca pale lilac-blue 30-45cm 160 G
398 Campanula persicifolia violet-blue 30-90cm 21 G
399 Campanula primulifolia lavender blue to 90cm 94 G
400 Campanula punctata white-pink 60cm 52 G
402 Campanula rumeliana white/blue to 30cm 47 G
403 Campanula sarmatica lilac-blue flr/grey hairy lvs 30-50cm 30 G
405 Campanula saxifraga ssp aucheri violet-blue 5-15cm 35 G
406 Campanula scouleri pale blue-whitish 5-40cm 6 G
407 Campanula thyrsoides pale yellow-cream 20-40cm 20 77 G
408 Campanula topaliana blue-violet flr/grey lvs 20-40cm 46 G
409 Campanula zangezura lavender-violet to 30cm 77 G
410 Campanulastrum americanum light blue-violet 60-180cm 63 G
3071 Canadanthus (Aster) modestus purple 40cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1585m 115 W
411 Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens pink/yellow tip 5-80cm 8 44 159 G
3072 Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens New York: Rhinebeck 136 W
3073 Capnoides (Corydalis) sempervirens pink/yellow 40-60cm Massachusetts: Granby 132 W
412 Caputia tomentosa yellow flr/white-felted lvs to 30cm 49 G
413 Cardiocrinum cordatum (as v glehnii) greenish-white/red throat to 180cm 105 G
415 Cardiocrinum giganteum white/streaked purple 1-3m 38 75 160 G
417 Carex pendula 20-100cm 23 G
418 Carex phyllocephala green 20-60cm 1 G
419 Carex scaposa (ex DJHV 2304) pink to 30cm 169 G
420 Carlina acaulis ssp caulescens silvery white 15-50cm 78 G
3074 Carnegiea gigantea (crested form) white-green Arizona: Tucson 123 W
3075 Castilleja chromosa yellow-orange Nevada: Washoe Co 2438m 72 W
3076 Castilleja flava yellow 100cm Colorado: Rio Blanco Co 74 W
3077 Castilleja sp 10-15cm Alaska: Bison Gulch 28 W
3078 Castilleja sp Nevada: Clark Co 1219m 156 W
422 Ceanothus americanus white 80-150cm 54 G
423 Ceanothus prostratus blue/lavender/purple 3-5cm 43 G
3080 Ceanothus prostratus pink/purple Nevada: Washoe Co 2286m 72 W
424 Celtica gigantea 1-2.5m 38 G
425 Cenolophium denudatum white 50-150cm 2 G
426 Centaurea cyanus (PI) blue 40-90cm 126 G
427 Centaurea montana blue-purple 30-70cm 70 G
428 Centaurium scilloides bright pink 7.5cm 60 G
429 Cephalaria gigantea pale yellow 120-180cm 36 136 157 G
430 Cerastium alpinum white 10cm 109 G
431 Cerastium alpinum v lanatum white flr/silvery woolly lvs 6-10cm 159 167 G
432 Cercis occidentalis pink-purple 3-4m 61 G
435 Chaenorhinum origanifolium blue-lilac to 35cm 159 G