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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1010 Habranthus tubispathus yellow/copper reverse 10-20cm > G
1012 Halesia diptera Magniflora Group white 7-11m 21 G
1013 Haplocarpha scaposa pale yellow 20-50cm 170 G
3126 Hastingsia alba white 30cm Oregon: Rough and Ready Flat 396m 112 W
3127 Hechtia montana silver lvs 80cm Mexico: Sierra de la Laguna 61 W
1014 Helenium amarum yellow 10-100cm 8 G
1016 Helianthemum nummularium red shades 20-30cm 178 G
1017 Helianthus giganteus (E Pennsylvania ecotype) yellow 3m 176 G
1018 Helianthus strumosus (E Pennsylvania ecotype) yellow 2m 176 G
1019 Helichrysum amorginum white-whitish pink flr/white woolly lvs 15-30cm 178 G
3128 Helichrysum plicatum yellow 10-15cm Turkey: Abant 1630m 186 W
1020 Helichrysum splendidum yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 1.5m 170 G
1021 Heliophila coronopifolia bright blue to 60cm 133 G
1022 Heliopsis helianthoides 'Prima Ballerina' semi-double orange-yellow 60-100cm 185 G
1023 Heliosperma pusillum white 8-20cm 118 G
1024 Helleborus foetidus yellow-green/burgundy edge 30-80cm 126 G
1025 Helleborus foetidus 'Sienna' (moist packed) pale green flr/dark greenish-black lvs 30-60cm 182 G
1026 Helleborus hybridus (x) mixed to 45cm 182 G
1035 Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Eco Dragon's Blood' (moist packed) pink-green w/dark spots to 45cm 182 G
1036 Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Sunshine Strain' (moist packed) mix 30-45cm 182 G
1027 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) black-slate flr/dark green lvs to 45cm 182 G
1028 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) dark pink/red spots to 45cm 182 G
1029 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) deep pink picotee/maroon eye to 45cm 182 G
1032 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed to 45cm 182 G
1033 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pure white to 45cm 182 G
1034 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) white/dark spots & veins to 45cm 182 G
1040 Heloniopsis umbellata white/pink-tinged 4-20cm 99 G
1041 Hemerocallis citrina v citrina lemon yellow 100-130cm 85 G
1042 Hemionitis bonariensis 10-60cm 158 G
3129 Heracleum maximum Connecticut: Lebanon 1 W
1045 Heracleum maximum (CA ecotype) white 300cm 41 G
1046 Herbertia lahue bluish purple-violet 8-15cm 175 G
1047 Hesperantha bachmannii white 15-30cm 194 G
1048 Hesperantha cucullata white/red reverse 30cm 194 G
1049 Hesperantha oligantha bright pink-purple 6-10cm 194 G
3130 Hesperostipa spartea 40-80cm Minnesota: Washington Co 95 W
3131 Heterotheca oregona yellow 50cm California: Smith River 122m 112 W
1051 Heuchera abramsii reddish-purple/white 6-15cm 42 G
1052 Heuchera americana greenish white/pink/purple 40-145cm 18 G
1053 Heuchera cylindrica v alpina (cf) creamy white 10cm 122 G
1054 Heuchera elegans pink-purplish/white 10-40cm 36 G
3133 Heuchera micrantha cream 30cm Canada: Ruxton Island, BC 173 W
1055 Heuchera pulchella reddish rose/pinkish-white 7-15cm 169 178 G
1056 Heuchera richardsonii green/greenish-white 20-95cm 42 51 G
2118 Hibiscus coccineus bright red to 3m 195 G
1057 Hibiscus moscheutos mix to 2.5m 113 G
1058 Hibiscus moscheutos pink/white w/maroon eye to 2.5m 178 G
1059 Hibiscus syriacus purple 125cm 56 G
1060 Hieracium maculatum yellow flr/mottled lvs 10-50cm 178 G
1061 Hieracium maculatum 'Leopard' yellow flr/maroon mottled lvs 15-25cm 1 157 G