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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
933 Hakonechloa macra 30-45cm 25 G
935 Haplopappus prunelloides yellow 3-10cm 11 G
936 Hastingsia alba white-yellowish 40-90cm 1 G
937 Haworthiopsis attenuata white banded/spotted lvs 6-13cm 100 G
938 Hedeoma nana pink-purple 10-25cm 46 G
939 Hedysarum boreale ssp mackenziei pink-purple 15-40cm 28 G
3153 Hedysarum sp pink 30-50cm Alaska: Mt Healy 28 W
940 Hedysarum sp (ex NE Utah) 156 G
3154 Helianthella uniflora yellow 70cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2408m 115 W
3155 Helianthus annuus yellow 1m Oregon: Aldrich Mtns 792m 115 W
942 Helianthus maximiliani yellow 50-300cm 53 G
944 Heliophila coronopifolia bright blue to 60cm 114 G
947 Helleborus foetidus 'Leather and Lace' light green flr/dark black-green lvs 50-90cm 169 G
948 Helleborus foetidus 'Red Silver' green/burgundy edged flr/pewter lvs 30-60cm 169 G
949 Helleborus foetidus 'Sienna' (moist packed) pale green flr/dark greenish-black lvs 30-60cm 159 G
946 Helleborus foetidus Krenitsky Strain light green flr/dark green lvs 50-60cm 169 G
962 Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Eco Dragon's Blood' (moist packed) pink-green w/dark spots to 45cm 159 G
965 Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Sunshine Strain' (moist packed) mix 30-45cm 159 G
950 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) black-slate to 45cm 159 G
952 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mix pink-white/no spots to 45cm 159 G
953 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed to 45cm 159 G
954 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pale pink w/spots to 45cm 159 G
955 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink/no spots to 45cm 159 G
956 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink/red veins to 45cm 159 G
957 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink-purple/dark veins to 45cm 159 G
958 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pure white to 45cm 159 G
959 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) white/red spots & veins to 45cm 159 G
960 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) white/red spots/thicker lvs & flr to 45cm 159 G
966 Helleborus niger (moist packed) white 23-30cm 159 G
968 Helonias bullata (cannot send outside USA) purplish pink 10-60cm 135 G
969 Helonias umbellata white/tinged pink 4-20cm 94 G
970 Hemerocallis citrina v citrina lemon yellow/fragrant 100-130cm 87 G
971 Hepatica nobilis (moist packed) deep pink/reddish 10-15cm 82 G
972 Herbertia lahue bluish purple-violet 8-15cm 70 139 G
973 Hesperaloe engelmannii pink-salmon flr/blue-green lvs 60-90cm/to 120cm flr 169 G
975 Hesperantha baurii bright pink to 20cm 106 G
976 Hesperostipa spartea 45-90cm 109 G
978 Heterotheca villosa yellow 16-40cm 68 G
980 Heuchera americana greenish white/pink/purple 40-145cm 93 G
981 Heuchera americana 'Green Spice' white flr/silver lvs red veins 25-70cm 22 G
982 Heuchera hybrids white-pink flr/many-colored lvs 30-60cm 102 G
983 Heuchera pulchella reddish rose/pink 7-15cm 85 156 G
984 Heuchera richardsonii green/greenish-white 20-95cm 23 G
987 Hibiscus coccineus bright red to 3m 97 G
988 Hibiscus moscheutos white/red eye to 2.5m 84 G
989 Hibiscus phoeniceus pale pink/red eye to 210cm 9 G
990 Hieracium bombycinum yellow flr/woolly lvs 5-20cm 109 G
991 Hieracium maculatum 'Leopard' yellow flr/maroon mottled lvs 15-25cm 2 G
992 Hieracium tomentosum yellow flr/white woolly lvs 10-40cm 45 109 156 G
993 Hieracium villosum yellow flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-45cm > G