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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1010 Haberlea rhodopensis lilac-violet blue 8-15cm 51 G
1011 Hablitzia tamnoides green to 3m 54 G
1012 Habranthus tubispathus yellow-copper 10-20cm 23 113 131 G
1013 Halesia diptera Magniflora Group white 7-11m 130 G
1015 Hamamelis intermedia (x) 'Aphrodite' orange-copper red to 3m 16 G
1014 Hamamelis intermedia (x) (mixed cultivars) 16 G
1016 Hedysarum alpinum pink-pale purple to 70cm 42 G
1017 Helianthemum nummularium prostrate form 150 G
1018 Helianthemum nummularium mix white/pink/apricot 20-30cm 12 G
1019 Helianthemum nummularium (cf) white 15 G
1020 Helianthus giganteus yellow 1-4m 167 G
2147 Helianthus maximiliani yellow 50-300cm 189 G
3138 Helianthus pumilus yellow 30-80cm Colorado: Douglas Co 1890m 139 W
1021 Helichrysum sibthorpii hybrid 150 G
1022 Heliophila coronopifolia bright blue 35-60cm 127 G
1023 Heliopsis helianthoides yellow 80-150cm 115 155 G
1038 Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Eco Dragon's Blood' (moist packed) pink/green w/dark spots to 45cm 172 G
1039 Helleborus hybridus (x) 'Neon' Ashwood Evolution Group (moist packed) yellow-golden/deep red veins 25-30cm 184 G
1024 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) dark purple to 45cm 120 G
1025 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) dark yellows to 45cm 120 184 G
1026 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed to 45cm 172 G
1027 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed blacks to 45cm 184 G
1028 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) mixed doubles to 45cm 184 G
1029 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pale yellows to 45cm 184 G
1030 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) pink w/spots to 45cm 172 G
1031 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed) veined to 45cm 184 G
1032 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed)(hp) double pale peach/pink to 45cm 78 G
1033 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed)(hp) double pale pink/faint spots to 45cm 78 G
1034 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed)(hp) double white/spots to 45cm 78 G
1035 Helleborus hybridus (x) (moist packed)(hp) yellow/dark red center to 45cm 78 G
1036 Helleborus hybridus (x) anemone-center (moist packed)(hp) dark pink/plum to 45cm 78 G
1037 Helleborus hybridus (x) anemone-center (moist packed)(hp) pure white/raspberry edge 45cm 78 G
1040 Helleborus niger white 15-30cm 64 G
1042 Helleborus niger 'Quick Rose' white 20cm 178 G
1041 Helleborus niger (moist packed) white 15-30cm 120 172 G
1043 Helleborus thibetanus (moist packed) pink 30-50cm 172 G
1044 Helleborus vesicarius purple-brown/green 45cm 173 G
1045 Helonias bullata purplish pink 10-60cm 57 180 G
1046 Hepatica asiatica (moist packed) mix 10cm 14 G
1047 Hepatica nobilis blue 10-15cm 16 G
1048 Heracleum maximum white 2m 54 G
1049 Herbertia lahue bluish purple-violet 8-15cm 78 117 G
1050 Hesperantha baurii light pink to 20cm 146 G
2148 Hesperantha baurii bright pink to 20cm 190 G
1051 Heterotheca villosa yellow 16-40cm 183 G
1055 Heuchera 'Green Spice' white flr/silver lvs red veins 25-70cm 5 G
1052 Heuchera abramsii reddish-purple/white 6-15cm 56 G
1053 Heuchera americana 'Dale's Strain' white-pink flr/silver green-purple veined lvs 30-60cm 167 G
1054 Heuchera cylindrica cream-yellow 9-55cm 171 G
1056 Heuchera hybrid bright pink 35cm 60 G