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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
603 Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) macrocapnos yellow 2-8m 112 G
604 Dactylicapnos (Dicentra) scandens yellow 2-5m 120 G
605 Dalea purpurea rose-purple 20-90cm 64 169 G
606 Daphne alpina (ex Rezia Alpine Botanical Garden) white 40cm 178 G
607 Daphne cneorum pink 15-20cm 15 G
608 Daphne genkwa (Chinese form) lilac/lavender 30-100cm 178 G
609 Daphne kurdica white 30-60cm 140 G
610 Daphne laureola ssp philippi yellow-green 30-60cm 30 33 G
611 Daphne mezereum pink-light purple 50-150cm 33 66 85 G
612 Daphne mezereum white flr/yellow frt to 100cm > G
613 Daphne mezereum white/pink 50-150cm 45 G
614 Daphne mezereum (compact form) white flr 40cm 178 G
615 Daphne oleoides cream-white/pink tinted to 60cm 98 G
616 Daphne pontica yellow-green 50-100cm 30 G
617 Daphne tangutica white-pink/rosy-purple reverse/red frt 50-120cm 30 68 73 G
618 Darlingtonia californica yellow-green/reddish brown 50-100cm 75 G
619 Dasylirion wheeleri straw-tan flr/blue-grey lvs 1.5-5m 24 G
620 Dasylirion wheeleri 'Payson Giant' straw-tan flr/blue-grey lvs 2m 169 G
621 Daubenya stylosa greenish yellow to 5cm 37 G
622 Degenia velebitica yellow flr/silver-grey lvs 5-10cm > G
623 Delosperma cooperi 'John Proffitt' (Table Mountain) fuchsia-pink to 7.5cm 135 G
624 Delosperma sutherlandii rose-purple 5-10cm 55 G
3074 Delphinium glaucum blue-purple 200cm Oregon: Mt Ashland 2012m 118 W
625 Delphinium grandiflorum 'Blauer Zwerg' deep blue 30-40cm 31 G
626 Delphinium likiangense blue 10-50cm 28 G
627 Delphinium Magic Fountains Series blue/white eye 75-90cm 28 G
628 Delphinium nudicaule scarlet-red 20-50cm 86 G
629 Delphinium nuttallianum blue-purple 10-40cm 20 G
630 Delphinium pylzowii blue-purple/bluish-grey 20-55cm 150 G
631 Delphinium requienii blue-grey to 120cm 9 34 86 G
632 Delphinium tatsienense purple-blue 30-80cm 187 G
633 Delphinium treleasei dark bright blue 60-80cm 150 G
634 Desmanthus illinoensis white 90-120cm 131 G
2144 Desmodium perplexum light pink-purplish pink 75-150cm 189 G
635 Dianella nigra greenish-white flr/violet blue frt 30-50cm 75 G
642 Dianthus 'Bath's Pink' pink to 30cm 5 G
643 Dianthus 'Berlin Snow' white 8cm 55 G
657 Dianthus 'Little Jock' pale pink-red eye flr/grey-green lvs 10-15cm 40 G
636 Dianthus alpinus rich pink 5-10cm 25 G
637 Dianthus alpinus 'Joan's Blood' deep red-pink flr/greyish lvs 5-10cm 11 G
638 Dianthus arenarius (cf) 150 G
639 Dianthus armeria deep pink to 60cm 144 G
3075 Dianthus armeria deep carmine 20-40cm North Macedonia: Galicica 2300m 179 W
640 Dianthus barbatus mix 30-60cm 89 167 G
641 Dianthus barbatus white 30-60cm 26 G
644 Dianthus callizonus pink-carmine 5-10cm 23 139 G
645 Dianthus carthusianorum deep pink-purple to 60cm > G
646 Dianthus chinensis magenta/pink/white 30-50cm 58 G
647 Dianthus chinensis pink 30-50cm 164 G
648 Dianthus crinitus white/pinkish 30-40cm 64 G