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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1383 Odontarrhena (Alyssum) argentea yellow flr/grey-green lvs 15-40cm 113 G
1384 Odontarrhena (Alyssum) chalcidica yellow flr/grey lvs 10-60cm 178 G
1385 Odontarrhena (Alyssum) lesbiaca yellow 15cm 194 G
1386 Odontostomum hartwegii creamy white-yellowish to 55cm 194 G
3183 Oenothera biennis yellow 1m Massachusetts: South Easton 163 W
1387 Oenothera cespitosa white fades pink to 20cm 65 178 G
3184 Oenothera curtiflora light pink 60-180cm Colorado: Boulder 1767m 84 W
1388 Oenothera filiformis white fades pink 50-400cm 93 G
1389 Oenothera flava pale yellow 7-10cm 155 G
1390 Oenothera incana narrow lvs 178 G
1391 Oenothera macrocarpa yellow 4-40cm 35 91 G
1392 Oenothera macrocarpa ssp fremontii yellow flr/silvery-green lvs 15-20cm 178 G
1393 Oenothera odorata yellow turns red 60-90cm 52 G
1394 Oenothera organensis yellow/fades deep reddish orange 30-60cm 178 G
1395 Oenothera serrulata (cf) yellow to 75cm 35 G
1396 Oenothera sp (ex Peru) orange 178 G
1397 Oenothera speciosa white-pink fades rosy-pink 4-60cm 99 G
1398 Onobrychis ebenoides light-dark pink hairy flr 30-45cm 194 G
1400 Onosma cinerea cream-yellow flr/grey-green hairy lvs 25-30cm 15 68 G
1401 Onosma echioides pale yellow 15-30cm 178 G
1403 Ophiopogon planiscapus purplish white flr/blue-black frt 20-30cm 70 G
1405 Opuntia cespitosa yellow/red center 5-15cm 35 G
1406 Orbexilum psoralioides 'Nash' lavender 45cm 175 G
1407 Origanum microphyllum purple 20-50cm 194 G
1408 Origanum rotundifolium lavender-pink/large pale green bracts/greyish lvs 10-20cm 159 G
1409 Ornithogalum exscapum white 5-15cm 1 G
1410 Ornithogalum magnum white 30-60cm 134 G
1411 Ornithogalum princeps pale green-cream 60-90cm 55 G
1412 Ornithogalum viridiflorum pale yellow-green to 1m 55 99 G
1413 Orostachys fimbriata white flr/brown-orange lvs 10-20cm 178 G
3185 Osmorhiza occidentalis yellow 180cm Oregon: Ochoco Mtns 1463m 112 W
1415 Oxytropis besseyi reddish purple flr/silvery hairy lvs 14-19cm 108 G