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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1186 Lablab purpureus rose-purple flr/maroon-purple frt to 6m 106 G
1187 Lachenalia arbuthnotiae yellow 10-35cm 194 G
1188 Lachenalia ensifolia white-pale blue 5cm 194 G
1189 Lachenalia juncifolia (ex Silverhill Seeds) lavender-pink 10cm 49 G
1190 Lachenalia mathewsii yellow 10-20cm 194 G
1191 Lachenalia paucifolia pale-deep lilac to 7cm 194 G
1192 Lachenalia pusilla white 1-4cm 156 G
1193 Lallemantia canescens dark violet blue-lavender 20-50cm 169 178 G
1194 Lamprocapnos (Dicentra) spectabilis 'Valentine' red/white flr/dark lvs 30-60cm 146 G
1195 Lapeirousia divaricata white-pale pink 7-25cm 194 G
1196 Lapeirousia jacquinii dark purple 20-30cm 194 G
1197 Laser trilobum white 60-120cm 51 G
1198 Lathyrus sp burgundy 30-40cm 37 G
1199 Lathyrus vernus pink 20-40cm 113 G
1200 Lathyrus vernus reddish-purple 20-40cm 182 G
1201 Lathyrus vernus 'Alboroseus' pink/white 20-40cm 22 140 G
1203 Lathyrus vernus 'Gracilis' violet-purple flr/long narrow lvs 30cm G
1202 Lathyrus vernus f roseus rose pink 30cm 22 G
1204 Leibnitzia anandria white 5-20cm 95 G
1205 Leontice leontopetalum yellow 15-60cm 194 G
1206 Leontopodium junpeianum white flr/grey lvs 2-25cm 145 G
1208 Leopoldia comosa violet-blue/brownish-green 20-60cm 70 G
1209 Leopoldia tenuiflora cream-brown/violet 25-50cm 172 G
1210 Lepechinia ganderi white-lavender 1-2m 153 G
1211 Leptospermum scoparium 'Adrianne' double red 2-3m 47 G
1212 Lespedeza virginica pink-rose to 75cm 100 G
1213 Leucojum aestivum white/yellowish green tips 30-60cm 17 G
1215 Lewisia columbiana v wallowensis white/pink veins 10-30cm 65 74 G
1217 Lewisia cotyledon mix 10-30cm 43 151 G
1220 Lewisia cotyledon white 10-30cm 117 132 178 G
1224 Lewisia rediviva rose-pink 1-3cm 26 G
3148 Lewisia rediviva pink 10cm Washington: Yakima Co 150 W
3149 Lewisiopsis tweedyi apricot 15-25cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns, Chelan Co 1550m 6 W
1225 Liatris ligulistylis pinkish purple 20-100cm 1 83 108 G
1226 Liatris microcephala lavender-purple 30-80cm 1 G
1227 Liatris punctata magenta 15-85cm 92 G
1228 Liatris punctata pink 15-85cm 104 G
3151 Liatris punctata rose lavender 30cm Colorado: Boulder 84 W
1229 Liatris pycnostachya deep rose purple 60-120cm 1 175 G
1230 Liatris scariosa lavender-purple 30-150cm 164 G
1231 Liatris scariosa v nieuwlandii (ex Franklin Co, MO) 175 G
1233 Liatris spicata (E Pennsylvania ecotype) purple 200cm 176 G
1234 Libertia peregrinans white flr/green-orange lvs 15-70cm 70 G
1235 Ligularia dentata 'Britt Marie Crawford' orange-yellow flr/purple-black lvs 60-100cm 85 G
1236 Ligularia heterophylla yellow flr/grey-green lvs 20-200cm 24 G
1237 Ligularia japonica yellow 50-100cm 1 104 G
1238 Ligularia subsagittata yellow 25-90cm 24 G
3152 Ligusticum grayi white 100cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 2377m 112 W
1240 Lilium columbianum yellow/orange w/maroon spots to 1.7m 14 57 G
3154 Lilium columbianum orange 150cm Oregon: Mt Hood 457m 112 W