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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
2050 Vaccinium vitis-idaea white-pale pink 10-30cm 1 G
2051 Vancouveria hexandra (moist packed) white 8-30cm 1 G
3273 Veratrum californicum white 200cm Oregon: Ochoco Mtns 1463m 112 W
3274 Veratrum californicum white 150cm Washington: Kittitas Co 1700m 132 W
2052 Veratrum formosanum dark purple 30cm 178 G
2053 Veratrum nigrum black-purple to 1m 161 178 G
2056 Verbascum 'Governor George Aiken' white flr/grey lvs 150-180cm 92 G
2054 Verbascum arcturus yellow w/purple stamens/woolly lvs 30-70cm 194 G
2055 Verbascum atroviolaceum dark violet-purple 30-45cm 182 G
3275 Verbascum blattaria f albiflora (PI) Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
2057 Verbascum lychnitis white-yellow flr/white woolly under lvs-stems to 150cm 178 G
2058 Verbascum nigrum yellow/purple stamens 60-90cm 94 G
2059 Verbascum phlomoides (cf) (PI) white 150cm 120 G
2060 Verbascum phoeniceum purple 30-100cm 62 G
2061 Verbascum roripifolium yellow to 1.2m 178 G
2062 Verbascum rupicola yellow 20-30cm 173 G
2063 Verbascum speciosum ssp megaphlomos yellow flr/grey woolly lvs to 2m 194 G
2064 Verbascum wiedemannianum violet-purple 35-125cm 91 G
2065 Verbena bonariensis (PI) lavender-rose purple to 180cm 119 G
2066 Verbena hastata blue-violet 35-150cm 41 G
2067 Verbena rigida 'Polaris' pale lavender 30-60cm 30 G
2068 Verbena simplex (E Pennsylvania ecotype) light blue 20-70cm 176 G
2069 Verbena stricta blue-purple flr/grey-green lvs 60-120cm 140 G
2070 Verbesina alternifolia yellow 1-2m 143 G
2071 Vernonia gigantea purple 80-200cm 33 G
2072 Vernonia larseniae purple flr/silver woolly lvs 70-100cm 178 G
2073 Vernonia lettermannii purplish-pink 50-60cm 136 G
3276 Vernonia missurica Michigan: Kent Co 143 W
2074 Vernonia noveboracensis purple 80-120cm 33 G
2075 Veronica allionii deep blue-violet 5-15cm 182 G
2076 Veronica armena violet-blue flr/grey-green lvs 5-15cm 178 G
2077 Veronica missurica blue to 33cm 63 G
2078 Veronica missurica ssp stellata lavender-blue to 30cm 47 G
2079 Veronica porphyriana blue-purple 20-30cm 65 G
2080 Veronica prostrata blue 10-15cm 11 G
2081 Veronica schmidtiana pink 114 G
2082 Veronica spicata purple/blue 15-50cm 77 G
2083 Veronicastrum virginicum white 80-200cm 93 G
2084 Viburnum acerifolium white flr/purple-black frt 1-2m 143 G
3277 Viburnum acerifolium Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
3278 Viburnum acerifolium Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 185 W
2085 Viburnum betulifolium (aff) (moist packed) white/bright red frt 200cm 183 G
2086 Viburnum rufidulum creamy white flr/dark blue frt 3-6m 75 G
2087 Vigna trilobata (ex Silverhill Seeds) pink 15cm 170 G
2088 Viola calcarata violet/blue/yellow 5-15cm 154 G
2089 Viola cornuta violet-blue 20-30cm 99 G
2090 Viola cornuta white 20-30cm 99 G
2091 Viola pedata light-dark blue-violet 5-30cm 88 G
3279 Viola pedata Connecticut: Sprague 1 W
2092 Viola pedata f concolor lilac/lavender 10-20cm 97 G