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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
2083 Vaccinium vitis-idaea white-pale pink 10-30cm 16 G
3270 Valeriana sitchensis white 80cm Oregon: Big Red Mtn, Jackson Co 2042m 118 W
2084 Valeriana supina deep pink 5-15cm 166 G
2085 Veltheimia bracteata light pink 20-40cm 178 G
2086 Veratrum grandiflorum greenish white to 1.5m 16 G
2087 Veratrum nigrum black-purple to 1m 181 189 G
2088 Verbascum lychnitis white-yellow flr/white woolly under lvs-stems to 150cm 150 G
2089 Verbascum nigrum yellow 50-150cm 32 G
2090 Verbascum phoeniceum purple 30-100cm 104 G
2091 Verbascum roripifolium yellow to 1.2m 150 G
2092 Verbena bonariensis (PI) lavender-rose purple to 180cm 86 115 G
2093 Verbesina alternifolia yellow 1-2m 108 G
2094 Verbesina encelioides yellow 10-120cm 150 G
3271 Verbesina encelioides yellow to 1m Colorado: Douglas Co 1890m 139 W
2095 Vernonia lettermannii purplish-pink 50-60cm 150 G
3272 Vernonia missurica Michigan: Kent Co 108 W
2096 Vernonia noveboracensis purple 80-120cm 156 G
2097 Veronica allionii deep blue-violet 5-15cm 48 G
2098 Veronica alpina sky blue-blue violet 5-15cm 25 G
2099 Veronica armena blue 5-15cm 58 G
2100 Veronica bombycina ssp bolkardaghensis deep blue flr/white-woolly lvs 2-6cm 183 G
3288 Veronica fruticans blue 10cm Norway: Harstad 191 W
2101 Veronica gentianoides white/pale blue striped 25cm 187 G
2102 Veronica gentianoides (dwarf) 3-8cm 150 G
2103 Veronica grandiflora bright blue-violet blue 5-15cm 42 G
2104 Veronica missurica blue to 33cm 63 119 G
2105 Veronica missurica ssp stellata lavender-blue to 30cm 13 G
2106 Veronica onoei pale blue 10cm 79 G
2107 Veronica perfoliata violet-blue flr/blue-grey lvs to 120cm 75 G
3273 Veronica saturejoides dark blue 5cm Bulgaria: Pirin 2400m 179 W
2108 Veronica spicata 'Nana' blue to 20cm 40 G
2109 Veronica thessalica blue-purple 15cm 149 G
2110 Veronicastrum virginicum mix 80-200cm 167 G
2111 Veronicastrum virginicum white 80-200cm 32 G
3274 Veronicastrum virginicum Pennsylvania: Butler Co 70 W
3275 Viburnum acerifolium yellow-orange 80cm California: Donomore Meadow, Siskiyou Co 1737m 108 W
2112 Viburnum glomeratum ssp magnificum (ex Zhejiang, China) white/pink 300cm 121 G
2113 Viburnum lantanoides white-pink 2-4m 180 G
2114 Viburnum plicatum 'Molly Schroeder' pink to 3m 135 G
2115 Viburnum setigerum white flr/red frt to 4m 106 G
2116 Viburnum sieboldii cream flr/red-black frt 4-6m 106 G
2117 Viola elatior light blue 20-50cm 174 G
2118 Viola glabella yellow 3-38cm 27 G
2119 Viola pumila (ex Pirin Mtns) blue-purple 10cm 27 G
2120 Viola tricolor blue-violet/yellow/white 3-20cm 144 G
2121 Vitaliana primuliflora yellow flr/grey-green lvs 2-5cm 170 G