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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1760 Sabulina attica white 4-10cm 178 G
1761 Sabulina verna white 5-10cm 118 G
1762 Salpingostylis coelestina blue-violet 15-30cm 32 G
1800 Salvia 'Royal Bumble' scarlet-red flr/purple-black calyxes & stems 60-120cm 58 G
1763 Salvia apiana white-pale lavender flr/silver-white lvs to 1.5m 156 G
1764 Salvia argentea white flr/silver-grey woolly lvs 30-60cm > G
1765 Salvia azurea blue 90-150cm 59 101 161 G
1767 Salvia candelabrum violet-blue flr/woolly grey lvs to 1m 194 G
1768 Salvia candidissima creamy white/white woolly lvs 60-90cm 194 G
1769 Salvia canescens v daghestanica purple flr/silver-white woolly lvs 10-30cm 178 G
1770 Salvia chamaedryoides deep blue flr/grey-green lvs to 60cm 116 G
1771 Salvia chrysophylla lilac/yellow lip 20-60cm 178 G
1772 Salvia coccinea scarlet/orange-red to 1m 136 G
1773 Salvia coccinea 'Coral Nymph' coral pink/white 60-90cm 136 G
1774 Salvia cyanescens purple-violet flr/velvety grey-green lvs 30cm 161 178 G
1775 Salvia darcyi coral-red to 1m 116 178 G
1776 Salvia darcyi 'Vermilion Bluffs Pscarl' red 90-100cm 128 G
1778 Salvia forsskaolei violet blue/white 60cm 49 119 G
1779 Salvia henryi bright red flr/grey lvs to 30cm 65 G
1780 Salvia indica lilac/white w/dark purple spots 60-120cm 194 G
1781 Salvia interrupta violet to 60cm 194 G
1782 Salvia jurisicii violet-lavender flr/grey-green lvs to 30cm 185 G
1783 Salvia lyrata pale lavender flr/red-purple lvs 20cm 3 G
1784 Salvia lyrata white flr/purple lvs 30-60cm 1 G
1785 Salvia microphylla pale pink-deep red 100-130cm 70 G
1786 Salvia nubicola pale yellow/maroon marks to 90cm 150 G
1787 Salvia nutans violet-blue/pink 50-100cm 140 175 178 G
1788 Salvia officinalis 'Nana' lavender-blue 30-45cm 178 G
1789 Salvia officinalis ssp lavandulifolia pale lavender flr/grey-green lvs to 45cm 73 G
1790 Salvia pachyphylla blue-violet/mauve-purple 30-60cm 116 161 178 G
1791 Salvia palaestina white-pale lilac 30-60cm 194 G
1792 Salvia patens blue 30-60cm 116 G
1793 Salvia pentstemonoides dark rose-red/wine red to 150cm 124 170 G
1796 Salvia recognita pale pink flr/grey hairy lvs 60-90cm 178 G
1797 Salvia reflexa (PI) pale-dark blue 10-70cm 178 G
1798 Salvia reptans dark blue to 90cm 116 178 G
1801 Salvia sclarea pale mauve-lilac/white-pink 90-120cm 93 G
1802 Salvia spinosa white 30-50cm 194 G
1803 Salvia staminea off-white/cream to 75cm 165 178 G
1804 Salvia taraxacifolia pink-cream 15-20cm 194 G
1805 Salvia tingitana pale lavender-pale yellow 60cm 194 G
1806 Salvia transsylvanica lavender blue 60-90cm 178 G
1807 Salvia verticillata 'Purple Rain' purple to 60cm 58 G
1808 Salvia virgata (PI-California) violet-blue/lilac to 1m 194 G
1811 Sanguisorba japonensis pink/purple 50-120cm 193 G
1813 Santolina virens 'Lemon Fizz' pale yellow flr/bright yellow lvs 30-45cm 71 G
1814 Saponaria caespitosa purplish-pink 5-15cm > G
1815 Saponaria cypria pink to 15cm 35 91 G
1816 Saponaria lutea pale yellow 2-12cm 118 G
1819 Saruma henryi soft yellow 45-60cm > G