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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
397 Caiophora lateritia (ex Tucuman, Argentina) red 100cm 61 G
399 Calceolaria 'John Innes' yellow/purple spots 10-20cm 11 71 124 G
398 Calceolaria biflora yellow 10-45cm > G
400 Calliandra eriophylla pink 30-90cm 75 G
401 Callicarpa dichotoma pink-white flr/purple frt 1-2m 130 G
402 Callirhoe bushii magenta-pale red 45-90cm 32 150 169 G
403 Callirhoe involucrata reddish-purple 15-30cm > G
404 Calochortus albus white 20-80cm 12 46 G
405 Calochortus luteus deep yellow/red-brown 20-50cm 6 95 150 G
406 Calochortus macrocarpus purple 20-50cm 128 G
407 Calochortus splendens lavender-purple 20-60cm 87 G
3049 Calochortus tolmiei light pink-dark purple 20cm California: Shasta Co 441m 116 W
3050 Calochortus tolmiei violet 10cm Oregon: Josephine Co 83 W
408 Calochortus venustus red 10-60cm 6 G
409 Calochortus vestae white-purplish 30-50cm 37 G
410 Calochortus weedii v weedii deep yellow 30-90cm 95 G
3051 Caltha leptosepala Wyoming: Big Horn Co 3200m 70 W
411 Calycanthus chinensis white 1-3m 41 G
3052 Calycanthus floridus wine red 180-370cm North Carolina: Wake Co 132 W
412 Calylophus serrulata yellow/fade orange-pink 15-45cm 23 G
413 Camassia leichtlinii blue-violet/cream 20-130cm 33 83 G
414 Camassia leichtlinii pink 9 G
415 Camassia leichtlinii (wide petals selection) blue-purple 146 G
416 Camassia leichtlinii ssp leichtlinii creamy white 20-130cm 36 G
417 Camassia leichtlinii ssp suksdorfii cream-white 20-130cm 186 G
3053 Camassia leichtlinii ssp suksdorfii purple-blue 20cm Oregon: Olallie Meadow 1341m 118 W
418 Camassia quamash blue-violet 20-80cm 20 115 G
432 Campanula 'Edward Forrest' (betulifolia x troegerae) pink-white 15cm 40 G
419 Campanula ajugifolia lavender blue 20-35cm 150 G
420 Campanula alliariifolia white-light violet 50-70cm 28 G
3054 Campanula alpina v bucegiensis pale blue/dirty white 5cm Romania: Bucegi 2500m 179 W
421 Campanula barbata pale-deep blue 10-30cm 51 120 G
422 Campanula bellidifolia violet-blue 10-15cm 40 G
423 Campanula betulifolia Zigana form 126 G
424 Campanula carpatica blue/white mix 15-30cm 55 G
425 Campanula carpatica blue-violet/purple 15-30cm 97 G
426 Campanula carpatica 'Violet Teacups' violet-purple 15-30cm 144 G
427 Campanula choruhensis white/flushed pink 10-15cm 126 G
428 Campanula ciliata pale blue 5-15cm 40 G
429 Campanula collina rich purple-blue 15-35cm 172 G
430 Campanula coriacea lilac 5-15cm 60 G
431 Campanula dasyantha ssp chamissonis blue 5-15cm 42 G
433 Campanula formanekiana lilac blue-white flr/grey-downy lvs 15-30cm 73 G
434 Campanula hofmannii creamy white 30-60cm 50 123 150 G
435 Campanula incurva pale blue-lilac to 30cm > G
436 Campanula latifolia violet blue 60-120cm 141 G
437 Campanula moesiaca pale lilac-blue 30-40cm 102 G
438 Campanula pendula creamy white 30-60cm 187 G
439 Campanula persicifolia violet-blue 30-90cm 27 G
440 Campanula persicifolia 'Telham Beauty' blue 60-120cm 28 G