Membership Benefits

Here are some of the Benefits of being a NARGS member:
1.  Fellowship - the opportunity to belong to an international association of individuals who have an abiding love of gardening and the study of rare and unusual plants, thus creating a forum for sharing ideas with others for creative and successful ways to grow them.
2.  The Rock Garden Quarterly – a high quality journal for novice and expert, targeted at rock gardeners, but of broader interest and rich in color photos. Particular attention is given to the different needs of rock gardeners across the diverse geographical regions of North America. Included are notices of meetings and special events, book reviews, as well as many nursery advertisements.

3.  Seed Exchange – an annual selection of seeds, rich in rarities, donated by members worldwide, many of which are rarely obtainable elsewhere. In addition to the initial distribution, members may order surplus seeds, with leftover seeds sent to local chapters. Ephemeral seed is also now available with new storage methods.

4.  Plant and Seed Swap - one to one exchange through the website discussion forum (Forums » Miscellaneous » Plant and Seed Swap).

5. Website – electronic copies of all Rock Garden Quarterlies Bulletins, a vibrant Forum, an on-line source of information featuring a rock garden encyclopedia, lists of recommended rock garden plants by region, image galleries, a discussion forum for the exchange of ideas on growing and finding plants, plus links to members’ websites, nurseries, book sales and so much more. 

6.  Facebook – NARGS is also represented on Facebook, a must for the modern young gardener!

7.  "Beginners Handbook" (and seeds from the Seed Exchange) – sent to all new North American members.
8.  National meetings – a national meeting and up to two study weekends, entertaining and highly educational, sponsored by Chapters. These meetings have outstanding speakers from all over the world, workshops, and often opportunities to hike in alpine areas, and visit public and private gardens.  There are usually also sales of rare and desirable plants, and most especially they are a chance to discuss plants and gardens with other keen gardeners.
9.  Local Chapters – thirty-eight NARGS affiliated chapters are active in North America. Chapter events include lectures, garden visits, field trips, demonstrations, and plant sales.  Besides a wealth of information, these friendly gatherings also offer a source for unusual plants plus the opportunity to be inspired by other gardeners in your region.

10.  NARGS Speakers Tour – internationally known speakers brought to all chapters. This provides local chapters the opportunity to hear and visit with outstanding plants people from around the world presenting talks and workshops. 

11.  A speakers list is available for chapter leaders to draw upon known experienced speakers with engaging programs that may be of interest to local NARGS chapters. Speakers compensation and travel expenses should be negotiated with the individual speaker.

12.  Book Service – links to nearly 200 gardening books on Amazon, in-house sales of NARGS publications, monthly book reviews, “Book of the Month” and a list of recommended rock gardening books (in Wiki Rock Gardening Encyclopedia), all on NARGS website.
13.  Membership Directory – An electronic membership directory is distributed to members upon request and a Member Lookup utility is available to logged in active members at