Boards and Committees

The officers of the North American Rock Garden Society consist of a president, a vice-president, a recording secretary, and a treasurer. The officers are elected by the membership.

The Board of Directors of NARGS consists of the four above-name officers, the immediate past president of NARGS, and nine elected directors.

The affairs of NARGS are administered by an Administrative Committee (called AdCom) consisting of the president, vice-president, recording secretary, treasurer, and one director who is selected annually by the NARGS officers from among the nine elected directors.


Administrative Committee

Panayoti Kelaidis President Contact
Todd Boland Vice President Contact
Richard Lane Treasurer Contact
Brendan Kenney Director-At-Large Contact
Sarah Strickler Recording Secretary Contact

Board of Directors

Cynthia Cromwell 2019-2022 Contact
Brendan Kenney 2019-2022 Contact
Gerald B. Rifkin 2019-2022 Contact
Edward Glover 2020-2023 Contact
John Willis 2020-2023 Contact
Susan Schnare 2020-2023 Contact
Tony Avent 2021-2024 Contact
Mariel Tribby 2021-2024 Contact
Peter Zale 2021-2024 Contact
Elizabeth "Betty" A. Spar Past President Contact


Joseph Tychonievich Editor -Rock Garden Quarterly Contact
Bobby J. Ward Executive Secretary Contact
David Collura NARGS Book Sales Contact
David White NARGS Tours Contact
Laura Serowicz Seed Exchange - Intake Manager Contact
Joyce Fingerut Seed Exchange Manager, Government Liaison Contact
Rosemary Monahan Speakers Tour Contact
Elisabeth B. Zander Website Contact

Awards Committee

See the Nargs Awards page for nominations procedures, previous awards, and more.
Cynthia Cromwell Chair Contact
Rosemary Monahan Contact
Florene Carney Contact
Don LaFond Contact
Mark McDonough Contact

By-Laws Committee

View NARGS By-Laws
Judith O. Dumont Chair Contact
Ben Burr Contact
Jennifer Kalb Contact

Development Committee

Bobby J. Ward Contact

Investment Committee

Edward Spar Contact
Richard Lane Contact

Membership Strategy Committee

Janet Novak Contact

Nominating Committee

Edward Glover
  • Chair
Bobby J. Ward Contact
Brendan Kenney Contact
Terry Laskiewicz Contact
Michael Bone Contact
Tony Reznicek Contact
Sarah Strickler Contact

Norman Singer Endowment Fund Committee

Anne Spiegel Contact
Catherine King Contact
Phyllis Gustafson Contact
Linda Nishikawa Contact
Randy Tatroe Chair Contact

Social Media Committee

Bobby J. Ward Chair Contact
Mariel Tribby Chair Contact

Speakers Tour Committee

Panayoti Kelaidis Contact
Cynthia Cromwell Contact
Rosemary Monahan Contact
Elisabeth B. Zander Contact
Barbara Cooper Contact
Bella Seiden Contact

Tours and Expeditions

David White Chair Contact
Todd Boland Contact

Web Site Committee

Elisabeth B. Zander Contact
Joyce Hemingson Contact
Joyce Fingerut Contact
Tony Avent Contact
Bobby J. Ward Contact
Laura Serowicz Contact

Web Site Roles

Elisabeth B. Zander Contact
Laura Serowicz Contact
Todd Boland Contact
Bobby J. Ward Contact
Mark McDonough Contact
Steven M. Whitesell Contact