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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
912 Gaillardia aristata 'Arizona Red Shades' red 30cm 135 G
913 Galanthus 'Spindlestone Surprise' white/yellow tip & ovary to 30cm 13 G
914 Galatella (Aster) sedifolia 'Nana' deep lavender-blue 30-45cm 150 G
915 Galax urceolata white 20-40cm 16 G
3127 Galax urceolata white Virginia: Chestnut Creek, Grayson Co 55 W
916 Galphimia glauca yellow 1.5-2.75m 131 G
3128 Gaultheria procumbens Wyoming: Big Horn Co 2591m 70 W
3129 Gaultheria procumbens white 7.5cm Maine: Montville, Waldo Co 176 W
917 Gaultheria shallon white-light pink flr/blue-black frt 50-200cm 68 G
918 Gazania linearis yellow/orange to 30cm 64 G
919 Genista sagittalis yellow 10-50cm 115 G
920 Genista sylvestris ssp dalmatica yellow to 20cm 15 G
954 Gentiana 'True Blue' deep blue 60-75cm 144 G
921 Gentiana acaulis blue 2-8cm > G
3130 Gentiana acaulis (as kochiana) larger form 5-15cm Serbia: Kopaonik 1800m 179 W
922 Gentiana affinis blue 10-35cm 159 G
923 Gentiana andrewsii dark blue 30-60cm 31 G
924 Gentiana angustifolia deep sky blue to 10cm 69 154 159 G
925 Gentiana asclepiadea deep blue 60-90cm 16 120 G
926 Gentiana asclepiadea mix 30-80cm 102 G
927 Gentiana asclepiadea pale violet 60-90cm 85 120 G
928 Gentiana asclepiadea white 60-90cm 29 120 G
929 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Rosea' pink-rose 30-60cm 151 G
930 Gentiana autumnalis (ex New Jersey) blue 25cm 163 G
931 Gentiana cachemirica blue 10-25cm 74 G
3131 Gentiana calycosa blue 20cm Washington: Hawkins Mtn, Kittitas Co 61 W
932 Gentiana clausa blue-purple 30-60cm 16 41 182 G
933 Gentiana clausa white 30-60cm 182 G
934 Gentiana clusii blue 5-10cm 42 G
935 Gentiana clusii white 5-10cm 151 G
936 Gentiana cruciata violet-blue 20-40cm 114 144 G
937 Gentiana cruciata (cf) (prostrate form) blue 10cm 21 G
938 Gentiana dahurica dark blue-purple 10-25cm 40 140 G
939 Gentiana decumbens (aff) (section Cruciata) 150 G
3132 Gentiana dinarica 5-10cm Montenegro: Komovi 1800m 179 W
940 Gentiana kirilowii (nv) (ex Kazakhstan) 150 G
941 Gentiana lagodechiana blue to 10cm 115 G
942 Gentiana linearis blue-purple 30-60cm 163 G
943 Gentiana lutea yellow 1-2m 30 85 G
944 Gentiana marcailhouana (x) (burseri x lutea) yellow 1m 30 G
3284 Gentiana nivalis blue 10cm Norway: Harstad 191 W
945 Gentiana occidentalis dark blue 5-10cm 166 G
946 Gentiana paradoxa blue 15-25cm 33 G
947 Gentiana paradoxa x septemfida blue 10-20cm 150 G
948 Gentiana parryi blue 8-45cm 183 G
949 Gentiana pumila ssp delphinensis deep blue 5-12cm 159 G
3133 Gentiana sceptrum purple 40cm Oregon: Olallie Meadow 1341m 118 W
950 Gentiana septemfida deep blue 15-30cm 92 G
951 Gentiana septemfida 'Hascombensis' purple 30cm 27 G
952 Gentiana terglouensis sky blue 3-6cm 166 G