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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
923 Gaillardia sp (ex Colorado) red/yellow 60cm 5 G
925 Galatella (Aster) sedifolia lavender-blue/pinkish-lilac 60-90cm 178 G
3120 Galax urceolata Virginia: Galax 35 W
3121 Garrya wrightii yellow/green 3m Arizona: Montezuma Pass 61 W
927 Gaultheria procumbens white flr/red frt 5-20cm 182 G
928 Gaultheria pyroloides cream-light pink flr/white frt 10-30cm 99 G
929 Gazania linearis yellow/orange to 30cm 151 G
930 Geissorhiza erosa red 12-35cm 194 G
931 Geissorhiza radians deep blue-violet/red center 8-16cm 194 G
932 Geissorhiza splendidissima dark purple-blue 8-20cm 194 G
933 Geissorhiza tulbaghensis white/dark brown-purple center 5-15cm 194 G
3122 Gelasia sericea yellow flr/white woolly hard cushion Turkey: Ilgaz Dag 2300m 186 W
934 Gelasine coerulea blue-lavender 30-50cm 157 175 G
935 Gelasine elongata bright blue-violet flr/grey-green lvs to 60cm 134 G
937 Gentiana acaulis blue 2-8cm 169 G
938 Gentiana andrewsii rich deep blue 30-60cm 83 G
939 Gentiana andrewsii white 30-60cm 144 G
940 Gentiana andrewsii or clausa (cf) (bottle-type) blue 30cm 85 G
941 Gentiana angustifolia deep sky blue to 10cm 104 147 149 G
942 Gentiana asclepiadea blue 60-90cm 159 G
943 Gentiana asclepiadea deep blue 60-90cm 193 159 G
944 Gentiana asclepiadea lavender-rose 60-90cm 159 G
945 Gentiana asclepiadea white 60-90cm 159 G
946 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Knightshayes' deep blue 30-60cm 69 G
947 Gentiana asclepiadea 'Rosea' pink-rose 30-60cm 146 G
950 Gentiana clausa blue-purple 30-60cm 1 51 G
951 Gentiana clusii blue 5-10cm 63 149 G
952 Gentiana cruciata violet-blue 20-40cm 53 142 G
953 Gentiana decumbens (aff) (section Cruciata) 178 G
955 Gentiana linearis blue-purple 30-60cm 162 G
956 Gentiana lutea yellow 1-2m 69 145 193 G
3125 Gentiana newberryi ssp tiogana white 10cm California: Butte Co 138 W
958 Gentiana pumila ssp delphinensis deep blue 5-12cm 149 G
959 Gentiana tibetica pale yellow-green/cream 40-50cm 118 159 G
961 Gentianopsis crinita blue 30-60cm 162 G
962 Gentianopsis paludosa blue 25-60cm 63 G
963 Geranium brevicaule 'Nigricans' white flr/dark brown lvs 2.5-15cm 182 G
966 Geranium maculatum (ex wild Michigan) lilac-pink/rose to 60cm 182 G
968 Geranium phaeum 'Samobor' maroon flr/purple-brown marked lvs 30-90cm 140 G
969 Geranium sanguineum magenta-pink to 40cm 182 G
970 Geranium saxatile purplish 9-48cm 178 G
975 Geum 'Mrs. J. Bradshaw' semi-double orange-scarlet 45-60cm 1 G
974 Geum montanum bright yellow 10-35cm 35 76 G
977 Gilia capitata blue-bluish violet 10-50cm 133 G
978 Gillenia trifoliata white/pale rose 40-100cm 147 G
979 Gladiolus atroviolaceus black-purple 35-70cm 131 G
980 Gladiolus byzantinus magenta/deep red-purple to 90cm 187 G
981 Gladiolus carmineus deep pink-carmine 30-50cm 39 G
982 Gladiolus cunonius red 20-70cm 39 G
983 Gladiolus flanaganii bright red/paler red to 30cm 66 99 G