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The Surplus List is here for reference purposes only.

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Due to Phytosanitary restrictions, members from the European Union, UK, Australia, and Japan cannot order any moist packed seed and cannot place an order in the Surplus Round. Australia and New Zealand members may only order seeds permitted entry by their countries.

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
880 Farfugium japonicum yellow to 70cm 70 G
881 Felicia fruticosa purple-violet to 100cm 70 G
882 Ferocactus fordii red 10cm 7 G
883 Ferocactus gracilis ssp coloratus red to 70cm 7 G
885 Ferulago nodosa yellow to 60cm 194 G
886 Festuca brachyphylla 8-35cm 130 G
887 Festuca californica greenish grey lvs 30-150cm 70 G
888 Fibigia clypeata yellow flr/grey felted lvs 15-75cm 47 70 178 G
889 Filipendula camtschatica 'Summer Snow' white 213cm 175 G
890 Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' yellow flr/purple-bronze lvs 90-180cm 171 G
891 Francoa appendiculata v ramosa white/pink 60-90cm 69 G
892 Francoa appendiculata v sonchifolia pale pink/dark veins to 60cm 69 G
3116 Frangula californica green/white 1.8-4.5m California: W slope Sierra Nevada, Mariposa Co 1524m 40 W
3117 Frasera speciosa white 50cm Colorado: San Juan Mtns 150 W
894 Freesia laxa red/white 20-35cm 98 G
895 Freesia laxa salmon 20-35cm 155 G
896 Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans' white/red eye to 30cm 60 180 G
897 Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba cream-white/flush mauve reverse 12-40cm 37 G
898 Freesia leichtlinii ssp alba (ex Kirstenbosch BG) white/yellow-lavender flush 10-20cm 49 G
899 Fritillaria acmopetala yellowish green-purplish brown 30-70cm 99 172 G
900 Fritillaria affinis brown-purple/pale yellow-green 10-120cm 14 G
3118 Fritillaria affinis brown 15cm California: Mendocino Co 103 W
3119 Fritillaria affinis brown 45cm Canada: Ruxton Island, BC 173 W
901 Fritillaria amana green/brown 8-35cm 174 G
902 Fritillaria carica 'Brown' brownish 3-15cm 172 G
904 Fritillaria elwesii dark purple/green 15-30cm 172 G
905 Fritillaria graeca green/purplish 6-20cm 172 G
906 Fritillaria imperialis red/orange 40-100cm 29 G
907 Fritillaria kurdica hybrid green/brown/yellow 20cm 174 G
908 Fritillaria meleagris mix 15-40cm 22 G
909 Fritillaria meleagris purple checkered 15-40cm 29 G
910 Fritillaria messanensis ssp gracilis red-purple/brown 20-35cm 175 G
912 Fritillaria pallidiflora pale yellow 15-45cm 100 189 190 G
914 Fritillaria pinardii purple/yellow 10-15cm 172 G
915 Fritillaria purdyi x biflora white/brown 40cm 2 G
916 Fritillaria pyrenaica brownish-purple/yellow-greenish 15-30cm 117 172 178 G
917 Fritillaria raddeana pale yellow-green 50-80cm 12 29 184 G
919 Fritillaria sewerzowii greenish-yellowish/purplish 15-25cm 172 G
920 Fumana procumbens yellow 10-30cm 59 G
921 Fumaria officinalis purplish-pink 10-70cm 63 G