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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
873 Fallugia paradoxa white flr/fluffy pink seed heads to 2m 32 139 G
874 Farfugium japonicum yellow to 70cm 75 G
3116 Ferocactus cylindraceus 80cm California: Inyo Co 1000m 116 W
875 Ferula glauca yellow flr/blue-grey lvs 2-3m 152 G
876 Ferula sp (ex Peter Korn) 150 G
877 Fessia (Scilla) greilhuberi blue-lilac to 25cm 120 G
878 Fessia (Scilla) hohenackeri pale blue 5-20cm 113 G
879 Fibigia clypeata yellow flr/grey felted lvs 15-75cm 13 115 162 G
880 Foeniculum vulgare 'Purpureum' yellow flr/purple-bronze lvs 90-180cm 111 G
881 Fosterella albicans (cf) (ex Monteagudo, Bolivia) green 40cm 61 G
882 Fragaria vesca white flr/red frt 5-30cm 15 G
883 Frailea buenekeri ssp densispina yellow to 6cm 90 G
3117 Frangula caroliniana pink to black frt Virginia: Scott Co 175 W
884 Franklinia alatamaha (moist packed) creamy white 5-7m 44 G
3118 Frasera albicaulis v nitida white-blue 40cm California: Butte Co 157 W
3119 Frasera speciosa Wyoming: Big Horn Co 3109m 70 W
3120 Frasera speciosa green 100-200cm Utah: Iron Co 77 W
3121 Frasera speciosa greenish 100cm California: Highland Lakes, Alpine Co 2621m 118 W
3122 Fraxinus latifolia 20-25m Oregon: Rogue River, Josephine Co 61 W
885 Freesia laxa red 20-35cm 39 78 120 G
886 Freesia laxa red/white 20-35cm 39 G
887 Freesia laxa white 20-35cm 102 G
888 Freesia laxa 'Joan Evans' white/red eye to 30cm 131 G
889 Fritillaria acmopetala yellowish green-purplish brown 30-70cm > G
890 Fritillaria acmopetala dark form green/dark brown 30-70cm 2 G
891 Fritillaria affinis brown-purple/pale yellow-green 10-120cm 20 95 G
3123 Fritillaria affinis brown 60cm Canada: Ruxton Island, BC 177 W
3124 Fritillaria affinis brown/yellow mottling 25cm California: Shasta Co 600m 116 W
892 Fritillaria camschatcensis greenish-brown/brownish-purple 20-60cm 27 G
893 Fritillaria graeca ssp thessala (as ssp reiseri) green/brown 40cm 6 G
894 Fritillaria imperialis mix 40-100cm 174 G
895 Fritillaria imperialis 'Garland Star' orange-red to 90cm 34 G
896 Fritillaria kurdica yellowish-green/brown-purple 3-10cm 72 G
897 Fritillaria meleagris purple checkered 15-40cm > G
898 Fritillaria meleagris white 15-40cm 27 39 G
899 Fritillaria orientalis purplish-brown checkered 15-40cm 2 G
900 Fritillaria pallidiflora pale yellow 15-45cm 27 85 G
901 Fritillaria persica plum purple-grey green 30-90cm 142 G
902 Fritillaria pontica pale green/maroon tinged 15-45cm 13 120 G
903 Fritillaria pyrenaica brownish-purple/yellow-greenish 15-30cm 13 18 G
904 Fritillaria raddeana pale yellow-green 50-80cm 6 34 G
3125 Fritillaria recurva red 40cm California: Butte Co 157 W
3126 Fritillaria recurva (aff) orange-red 40cm California: Cook and Green Pass, Siskiyou Mtns 1219m 118 W
905 Fritillaria rhodocanakis brownish-purple/yellow tips 10-15cm 2 6 G
906 Fritillaria stenanthera pink/purple base 5-12cm 170 173 G
907 Fritillaria striata white-pink/red striped 25-38cm 6 G
908 Fritillaria thunbergii pale yellow/slightly tessellated 15-80cm 18 G
909 Fritillaria verticillata white/pale yellow 15-50cm 169 G
910 Fuchsia procumbens yellow/green/red to 15cm 43 G
911 Fumana sp yellow 150 G