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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1097 Iberis aurosica ssp nana white-lilac 5-15cm 65 G
1098 Iberis sempervirens (compact form) white 8cm 122 G
1099 Iberis simplex white-lilac 10-20cm 35 178 G
1101 Ikonnikovia kaufmanniana purple 14-35cm 178 G
3139 Ilex verticillata Connecticut: Southeast 21 W
1102 Iliamna rivularis pinkish-white/rose-purple 50-200cm 185 G
1103 Impatiens bicolor pink/yellow 26-75cm 178 G
1104 Incarvillea delavayi rose-purple/pink 30-60cm 66 69 G
1105 Incarvillea olgae pink-purple 100-150cm 159 G
1106 Incarvillea zhongdianensis deep pink-magenta 20-50cm 69 G
1108 Inula helenium yellow 50-150cm 129 159 181 G
1109 Inula hookeri yellow 60-150cm 66 G
1110 Inula magnifica yellow to 1.8m 159 G
1111 Inula rhizocephala yellow 5-10cm 169 G
1112 Iodanthus pinnatifidus light violet-white 30-80cm 8 G
1113 Ionactis (Aster) linariifolia white 10-50cm 104 G
1114 Ipheion uniflorum 'Alberto Castillo' white 7-15cm 59 G
1115 Ipomopsis aggregata scarlet-red 30-150cm 27 150 G
3140 Ipomopsis aggregata orange 60cm Colorado: Fremont Co 1850m 65 W
3141 Ipomopsis aggregata red 25-40cm Washington: Wenatchee Mtns, Chelan Co 1800m 6 W
1116 Ipomopsis longiflora white/pale lavender-blue 20-45cm 151 G
1117 Ipomopsis rubra scarlet red 60-180cm > G
1118 Iris brevicaulis blue-violet/lavender 35-70cm 183 G
1119 Iris bulleyana dark-flowered form dark purple-black 60cm 69 G
1120 Iris Cal-Sib hybrid (Pacific Coast x Sibirica) (dwarf) white 25cm 21 G
1122 Iris clarkei blue-violet 30-60cm 187 G
1124 Iris delavayi dark violet 50-80cm 69 G
1126 Iris dichotoma lavender 60-90cm 95 G
1127 Iris dichotoma mixed lavender-purple 70cm 111 G
1128 Iris dichotoma violet-pale blue 40-60cm 164 165 G
1129 Iris domestica orange-red-yellow/red spots 60-90cm 56 127 129 G
1130 Iris domestica 'Freckle Face' orange/heavy red spots 45-60cm 182 G
1131 Iris domestica 'Hello Yellow' yellow 25-60cm 60 G
1132 Iris douglasiana lavender-blue/tan-yellow 30cm 49 G
1133 Iris ensata dark reddish purple 25-100cm 111 G
1134 Iris ensata (wild Russian form) purple 91cm 170 G
1136 Iris giganticaerulea blue/blue-purple 100-150cm 170 G
1138 Iris graminea purple/violet-blue 20-50cm 88 126 G
1139 Iris halophila v sogdiana (ex Ketman, Kazakhstan) pale blue 30-50cm 186 G
1140 Iris hookeri deep-pale blue/blue-violet 5-60cm 99 G
3142 Iris hookeri blue 30cm Canada: Cape St Mary's, NL 24 W
1142 Iris jacquinii pale blue-deep blue purple to 50cm 99 G
1143 Iris lactea pale violet/milky white-yellow 14-70cm 174 G
1144 Iris lactea (ex Almaty, Kazakhstan)(hp) lavender-blue 50cm 111 G
1145 Iris missouriensis (ex Hohnholz Lakes, CO) blue/lavender/white 60cm 5 G
1146 Iris norrisii (x) mix 60-90cm 68 G
1147 Iris norrisii (x) orange 30-60cm 64 G
1148 Iris Pacific Coast hybrid yellow 20-25cm 58 G
1149 Iris prismatica lavender/pale blue-violet 30-80cm 162 G
1154 Iris ruthenica tall stem 178 G