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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
293 Asclepias curassavica 'Silky Gold' golden yellow 90-120cm 107 G
294 Asclepias fascicularis greenish white/tinged purple 30-90cm 72 G
3036 Asclepias fascicularis white/green/dusky rose 100-150cm Idaho: Bruneau Valley, Owyhee Co 750m 160 W
295 Asclepias incarnata pink-mauve 1-1.5m > G
3037 Asclepias incarnata pink 100-150cm Michigan: Shiawassee Co 143 W
296 Asclepias speciosa pale pink-pinkish purple to 120cm 53 94 137 G
3038 Asclepias speciosa white/dark pink 75-100cm Idaho: Bruneau Valley, Owyhee Co 750m 160 W
298 Asclepias syriaca pinkish purple/white to 180cm 103 G
3039 Asclepias syriaca white 100cm Massachusetts: South Easton 126 W
299 Asclepias tuberosa orange 30-100cm > G
3040 Asclepias tuberosa orange 60cm Minnesota: Minneapolis 123 W
301 Asclepias verticillata greenish-white to 90cm 96 G
302 Asclepias viridis pale green/purple to 60cm 96 G
303 Asperula arvensis blue-purple 10-50cm 149 G
304 Asphodeline damascena white flr/blue-green lvs 45-170cm 96 156 169 G
305 Asphodeline damascena white flr/silver lvs 90cm 96 G
306 Asphodeline liburnica yellow 60-100cm 94 G
308 Asphodeline lutea 'Italian Gold' yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 120cm 169 G
309 Asphodelus ramosus white/brown mid-veins 100-200cm 160 G
310 Aster alpinus mix 15-30cm 156 G
311 Aster alpinus pink 10-35cm 19 G
312 Aster alpinus purple/white mix 15-30cm 93 G
314 Aster himalaicus blue-purple/lavender 8-25cm > G
315 Aster souliei lavender 25-30cm 73 G
316 Astilbe simplicifolia (true species ex Japan) white 15cm 1 G
3044 Astragalus asclepiadoides pink flr/broad waxy lvs 40cm Colorado: Mesa Co 74 W
3045 Astragalus newberryi v castoreus purple Nevada: Washoe Co 1219m 72 W
3046 Astragalus purshii v tinctus purple Nevada: Washoe Co 1542m 72 W
3047 Astragalus reventiformis white 15cm Washington: E Cascade Range, Yakima Co 1860m 160 W
317 Astragalus utahensis bright pink-purple flr/grey woolly lvs 5-10cm 46 47 G
3049 Astragalus whitneyi v lenophyllus white Nevada: Washoe Co 2591m 72 W
318 Astrantia major 'Star of Treasure' reddish-pink 60cm 60 G
319 Astrantia maxima pinkish 60-90cm 26 G
320 Astrantia maxima white 60-90cm 26 G
321 Astrophytum myriostigma (not hardy) yellow flr/silvery-grey to 60cm 79 G
322 Athamanta turbith white 30-50cm 130 G
325 Aylostera pygmaea salmon-pink/golden-yellow/red 1-4cm 65 G
326 Azorina vidalii white-pale pink 30-90cm 41 G
327 Babiana angustifolia blue-purple 10-20cm 114 G
328 Babiana nervosa purple 10-20cm 51 G
329 Babiana tubulosa cream 7-15cm 51 G
330 Bahiopsis parishii yellow 50-130cm 156 G
3056 Balsamorhiza hookeri yellow 20-30cm Washington: Grant Co 400m 10 W
332 Baptisia australis blue-violet flr/blue-black frt to 1.5m > G
333 Baptisia australis v minor purple-blue 45-60cm 133 G
334 Baptisia lactea v lactea white 90-180cm 87 G
335 Barbarea rupicola yellow 5-40cm 30 G
337 Beesia deltophylla white 14-34cm 106 G
338 Begonia grandis pink 28-60cm 159 G
340 Bellevalia paradoxa blackish-blue 12-20cm 103 G