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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
350 Astrantia major 'Princess Sturdza' large white/green tips to 60cm 77 G
351 Astrantia major 'Venice' ruby red 60-75cm 36 G
353 Asyneuma limonifolium violet-blue 15-30cm 150 G
354 Athamanta turbith white 30-50cm 126 G
355 Athyrium niponicum 'Pictum' silver-grey/dark maroon mid-rib lvs 30-60cm 167 G
356 Atriplex hortensis 'Rubra' red-purple flr/dark red-purple lvs 60-180cm 150 G
357 Aubrieta 'Marjorie' pink-purple 10cm 14 G
358 Aurinia saxatilis 'Goldkugel' yellow 15-30cm 147 G
2141 Aurinia sinuata yellow 20-25cm 189 G
3045 Balsamorhiza sagittata Wyoming: Crook Co 1524m 70 W
359 Baptisia arachnifera (cannot send outside USA) yellow flr/silver woolly lvs 40-80cm 169 G
360 Baptisia australis blue-violet flr/blue-black frt to 1.5m > G
361 Baptisia perfoliata yellow flr/blue-grey lvs 60-90cm 111 G
362 Barnardia (Scilla) japonica rose purple/pink 7-20cm 181 G
363 Bauhinia lunarioides white to 4m 131 G
364 Begonia grandis pink 28-60cm 172 G
365 Begonia grandis 'Heron's Pirouette' pink 30-60cm 172 G
366 Begonia grandis ssp sinensis pink 20-40cm 112 182 G
367 Bellevalia paradoxa blackish-blue 12-20cm 181 G
368 Bellevalia romana creamy white to 30cm 46 190 G
369 Bellium minutum white 5cm 50 G
370 Berberis aquifolium yellow flr/blue frt 30-300cm 75 G
3046 Berberis canadensis (moist packed) Virginia: Scott Co 175 W
3047 Berberis repens Wyoming: Crook Co 1524m 70 W
371 Bergeranthus vespertinus orange-yellow 2-5cm 93 G
372 Berlandiera lyrata yellow/red-maroon center 10-60cm 47 135 G
373 Berlandiera pumila 'Chocoholic' yellow fragrant flr 90cm 169 G
374 Beta trigyna greenish-white to 100cm 150 G
375 Betonica officinalis reddish-purple 30-60cm 64 G
376 Betonica officinalis 'Nana' white 20cm 8 G
377 Betula lenta to 20m 152 G
378 Betula pamirica (aff) (ex Halda) white bark 52 G
379 Betula utilis ssp jacquemontii white bark to 20m 16 G
380 Billardiera longiflora greenish-cream flr/purple frt 2-3m 1 120 G
381 Bistorta officinalis rose-pink 20-80cm 42 G
382 Bletilla striata purplish red/pink 18-60cm 73 G
383 Bloomeria crocea yellow 15-70cm 17 34 G
384 Boechera (Arabis) breweri (cf) lilac 25cm 46 G
385 Bomarea salsilla red to 2m 146 G
386 Borago pygmaea blue 15-60cm 94 G
387 Brimeura amethystina deep-pale blue 10-15cm 85 G
388 Brimeura amethystina sky blue 10-15cm 46 G
389 Brimeura amethystina white 10-15cm 85 G
3048 Briza maxima (not native) 20cm Oregon: Port Orford, Curry Co 61m 118 W
390 Brodiaea elegans bluish purple-violet 10-50cm 17 G
391 Browallia americana blue-violet/white center to 60cm 167 G
392 Bukiniczia cabulica pink flr/white veined lvs to 30cm 93 150 G
393 Bulbine inflata yellow 30-50cm 7 G
394 Bulbinella angustifolia yellow 50-100cm 85 G
395 Bulbinella hookeri yellow to 60cm 85 G