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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
3084 Chamaedaphne calyculata white 1m New York: Parishville 107 W
436 Chasmatophyllum musculinum bright yellow 5cm 46 G
437 Chelidonium majus yellow to 1m 156 G
438 Chelone glabra white/pink-tinged 60-90cm 92 G
439 Cherleria laricifolia white 10-20cm 30 G
440 Chiastophyllum oppositifolium yellow 15cm 167 G
3089 Chimaphila umbellata pink 20cm Oregon: Strawberry Mtns 1951m 115 W
441 Chionanthus virginicus white 3-10m 54 G
3090 Cirsium occidentale red Nevada: Washoe Co 2286m 72 W
443 Cistus parviflorus rose-pink flr/grey-green felted lvs to 90cm 65 G
444 Citrus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon' white flr/yellow frt/contorted to 3.5m 143 G
470 Clematis 'Lunar Lass' greenish-cream/white to 90cm 139 G
445 Clematis addisonii reddish-purple/cream tips 60-100cm 15 116 G
450 Clematis coactilis pale yellow/purple-tinged hairy flr 20-45cm 166 G
453 Clematis crispa violet-blue to 3m 122 G
454 Clematis fremontii pale blue-violet/purple 15-45cm > G
456 Clematis fusca purple-brown 35-200cm 15 160 G
457 Clematis glaucophylla deep rose red-purplish red to 5m 166 G
458 Clematis heracleifolia deep blue/purple 60-90cm 166 G
459 Clematis heracleifolia (v urticifolia) violet/lilac-blue 30-100cm 166 G
460 Clematis hexapetala white 30-100cm 156 G
461 Clematis hexapetala 'Mongolian Snowflake' white 30-90cm 169 G
462 Clematis hirsutissima 'Lone Pine Form' purple 15-45cm 120 G
463 Clematis hirsutissima v scottii dark violet-blue 15-65cm > G
464 Clematis integrifolia dark pink 60cm 81 G
465 Clematis integrifolia purple to 1m 72 90 148 G
466 Clematis integrifolia 'Lake Baikal' lavender-blue 15-60cm 116 G
467 Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' blue/lavender/pink/white 25-35cm 156 G
468 Clematis integrifolia 'Mongolian Bells' white 25-35cm 24 G
469 Clematis ispahanica white/purple anthers to 2m (scarify seed) 166 G
471 Clematis macropetala blue-purple 2-3m 166 G
473 Clematis ochroleuca pale yellow-pale purple 20-70cm 166 G
474 Clematis ochroleuca 'Bald Knob' creamy white fuzzy flr 38cm 169 G
475 Clematis otophora yellow to 3m 166 G
476 Clematis pitcheri bluish-purple/reddish-purple to 4m 166 G
479 Clematis reticulata pale lavender-purple/greenish tip to 4m 166 G
480 Clematis stans pale purple-blue/white 50-100cm 166 G
481 Clematis terniflora v mandshurica white 90-150cm 156 166 G
483 Clematis viorna reddish purple-lavender/cream-yellow to 4m > G
485 Clematis viticella blue-violet/rose-violet 2-4m 166 G
486 Cleome dodecandra pink 10-60cm 52 G
487 Cleome houtteana pink/purple/white to 150cm 9 G
488 Cleomella lutea yellow 25-130cm 47 G
489 Cleomella serrulata magenta 30-80cm 153 G
490 Cleomella serrulata pink 30-80cm 72 104 G
491 Cleomella serrulata purple 30-80cm 47 G
3092 Clethra acuminata North Carolina: McDowell Co 25 W
492 Clinopodium arkansanum white-pale purple 15-30cm 8 G
493 Clinopodium grandiflorum pink to 25cm 160 G
494 Clinopodium mimuloides salmon orange 30-200cm 70 G