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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
310 Arnica chamissonis yellow 20-80cm 53 G
311 Arnica griscomii ssp frigida yellow 10cm 159 G
312 Arnica lessingii yellow 8-35cm 159 G
313 Artemisia frigida pale yellow flr/silver-grey lvs 10-40cm 150 G
314 Arthropodium candidum 'Purpureum' white flr/purple-bronze lvs 10-30cm 152 G
315 Arum italicum cream-light green flr/orange-red frt 30-45cm 120 161 172 G
316 Arum italicum 'Gold Rush' yellowish-veined lvs 30-45cm 41 G
317 Arum italicum ssp albispathum white to 40cm 151 G
318 Arum italicum ssp italicum 'Marmoratum' cream flr/orange-red frt/white vein lvs 30-45cm 62 G
319 Asarina procumbens cream/yellow 5-7cm 48 49 85 G
320 Asarum canadense (moist packed) pale green/purple 6-20cm 172 G
321 Asarum caudatum v viridiflorum (moist packed) greenish-yellow flr 7-17cm 172 G
322 Asarum hartwegii (moist packed) reddish-brown 9-21cm 172 G
323 Asclepias angustifolia whitish-pink 60-90cm 142 G
3036 Asclepias cordifolia purple-red 30cm Oregon: Galice, Josephine Co 610m 118 W
324 Asclepias curassavica red/orange/yellow to 1m 181 G
325 Asclepias incarnata pink/white mix 1-1.5m 156 G
326 Asclepias incarnata pink-mauve 1-1.5m > G
3037 Asclepias incarnata pink 91-152cm Michigan: Shiawassee Co 158 W
3038 Asclepias incarnata pink New York: Arietta, Hamilton Co 141 W
327 Asclepias incarnata 'Ice Ballet' white 90-107cm 158 G
328 Asclepias perennis white/pink 30-60cm 80 G
3039 Asclepias syriaca pink/purple/white 91-152cm Michigan: Shiawassee Co 158 W
329 Asclepias tuberosa orange 30-100cm > G
3040 Asclepias tuberosa orange 50cm Michigan: Monroe Co 35 W
3041 Asclepias tuberosa orange 45-91cm Michigan: Shiawassee Co 158 W
330 Asclepias tuberosa (ex Catron Co, NM) orange 70cm 60 G
331 Asclepias verticillata greenish-white to 90cm 35 G
332 Asimina triloba 'Overlease x Sunflower' brown 6m 35 G
333 Asphodeline lutea 'Italian Gold' yellow flr/grey-green lvs to 120cm 169 G
334 Asphodeline taurica white 60-80cm 112 G
335 Asphodelus cerasiferus white 60-150cm 152 G
3042 Asplenium rhizophyllum Virginia: Scott Co 175 W
336 Aster alpinus lavender 15-30cm 28 G
337 Aster alpinus lilac-purple 6-20cm 40 G
338 Aster alpinus pink-purple 15-30cm 10 G
339 Aster alpinus purple 15-30cm 153 G
341 Aster alpinus 'Dunkel Schone' ('Dark Beauty') dark purple-blue 25-30cm 33 135 G
342 Aster alpinus 'Happy End' deep pink 20-25cm 53 G
340 Aster alpinus (ex Italy, Aosta, Val Ferret, 1800m) mauve-rosy purple 10-20cm 73 G
343 Aster flaccidus blue/mauve 3-30cm 73 G
344 Aster himalaicus blue-purple/lavender 8-25cm 60 G
345 Aster pattersonii (not A. bigelovii) blue-purple short form 150 G
3043 Astragalus nuttallii v nuttallii white 35cm California: Piedras Blancas, San Luis Obispo Co 24 W
346 Astragalus utahensis bright pink-purple flr/woolly lvs 5-10cm 64 G
3044 Astragalus whitneyi v siskiyouensis cream 15cm Oregon: Big Red Mtn, Jackson Co 2012m 118 W
352 Astrantia 'Roma' soft pink 50-75cm 36 G
347 Astrantia major burgundy 60-90cm 168 G
348 Astrantia major white/purplish 40-45cm 52 G
349 Astrantia major 'Dark Desire' dark maroon 60-90cm 36 G