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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
134 Alstroemeria isabelleana red/green to 1m 103 G
135 Alstroemeria lutea yellow 40-90cm 29 G
136 Alstroemeria sp candy pink 50-60cm 46 G
137 Alstroemeria sp peach/pink 40-50cm 28 G
138 Althaea cannabina pink/reddish-purple 40-200cm 84 G
139 Althaea officinalis lilac-pink 90-120cm 84 G
140 Alyssoides utriculata yellow 20-50cm 51 102 140 G
141 Alyssum wulfenianum yellow flr/grey-green lvs 5-20cm 114 G
142 Amberboa moschata 'The Bride' white 30-50cm 86 G
143 Ammi visnaga white to 80cm 150 G
144 Amorpha canescens (Arkansas form) purple-orange tipped flr/grey-green lvs to 90cm 169 G
145 Amorpha georgiana (Fort Bragg form) reddish purple/violet 30-100cm 169 G
146 Amorphophallus kiusianus greenish/white spotted spathe/dark purple spadix 40-100cm 88 121 G
147 Amorphophallus kiusianus (moist packed) greenish/white spotted spathe/dark purple spadix 40-100cm 3 G
148 Amsonia elliptica blue to 40cm 78 G
149 Amsonia hubrichtii pale blue 60-90cm 76 167 G
150 Amsonia illustris light blue 60-120cm 31 150 G
151 Amsonia jonesii pale blue 15-50cm 40 G
152 Amsonia tabernaemontana light blue 60-90cm 70 147 G
153 Amsonia tabernaemontana v salicifolia pale blue 60-90cm 147 G
154 Anaphalis triplinervis white flr/grey-white woolly lvs 40-60cm 73 G
155 Androsace albana pink 5-25cm 51 G
156 Androsace bulleyana red to 20cm 124 G
157 Androsace carnea pink 2-7cm 124 G
158 Androsace carnea ssp brigantiaca (hort) white to 12cm 14 G
159 Androsace mathildae white 4cm 51 G
160 Androsace obtusifolia white 4-10cm 64 G
161 Androsace sempervivoides pink-mauve 2-7cm 159 G
162 Androsace septentrionalis white 1-25cm > G
163 Andryala agardhii yellow flr/silver woolly lvs 8-15cm 145 G
164 Anemone drummondii pure white 10-25cm 117 G
165 Anemone hortensis mix 20-40cm 39 G
166 Anemone lithophila white 10-25cm 85 G
167 Anemone multifida red 10-40cm 139 G
168 Anemone multifida v tetonensis red 10-20cm 172 G
169 Anemone palmata yellow to 30cm 117 140 G
170 Anemone parviflora white/soft bluish 5-30cm 20 G
3016 Anemone parviflora white 10cm Canada: Cape Norman, NL 53 W
3017 Anemone parviflora white 15cm Canada: Mt Maquinna, Vancouver Island 177 W
171 Anemone polyanthes white/red/mauve 25-60cm 30 G
172 Anemone rivularis white/blue-mauve reverse 20-60cm 188 G
173 Anemone rupicola white/pink-violet reverse 5-25cm > G
174 Anemone sylvestris white 30-45cm 18 139 G
175 Anemone virginiana white/greenish-white 30-80cm 73 161 G
176 Anemonopsis macrophylla mix lilac/white 40-80cm 122 G
177 Anemonopsis macrophylla pale lavender-purple 40-80cm > G
178 Anemonopsis macrophylla white 40-80cm 130 G
3018 Angelica arguta (cf) white 1-2m Washington: Hawkins Mtn, Kittitas Co 61 W
3019 Angelica capitellata white 100cm California: Plumas Co 157 W
179 Angelica gigas dark purple flr/purplish stems 1-2m 123 142 147 G