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2021-2022 Seed List - CLOSED

For Reference Only. This is LAST YEAR's List - Check back December 15, 2022 for the next opening

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Seed # Genus/Species Description Garden/Wild
1 Abelmoschus manihot pale yellow/purple center 1-2m 147 G
2 Abies koreana purple-blue cones 9-18m (slow growing) 33 G
3 Abies koreana 'Horstmann's Silberlocke' silver-bluish needles to 1.5m 16 G
4 Acaena myriophylla greenish 15-25cm 172 G
5 Acaena sericea silver hairy lvs to 35cm 150 G
6 Acalypha radians red 15-40cm 65 G
7 Acantholimon armenum pink flr/blue-green lvs 8-20cm 150 G
3001 Acantholimon echinus sessile flr spikes cushion North Macedonia: Galicica 2100m 179 W
8 Acantholimon halophilum light pink flr/blue-green lvs 5-10cm 150 G
9 Acantholimon hohenackeri pink flr/blue-grey lvs 5-10cm 150 G
10 Acantholimon litvinovii pale pink flr/blue-green lvs 5-10cm 150 G
11 Acantholimon sp mixed 150 G
12 Acantholimon sp stemless silver lvs 150 G
13 Acantholimon sp white flr/silver lvs 150 G
14 Acantholimon ulicinum bright pink 10cm 150 G
15 Acantholimon venustum deep pink flr/grey-green lvs 10-15cm 150 G
16 Acer griseum 6-9m 148 G
3279 Acer pensylvanicum 7m Canada: Haliburton, ON 182 W
3002 Achillea holosericea yellow 15-20cm North Macedonia: Galicica 1900m 179 W
3003 Achillea oxyloba ssp schurii white 5-15cm Romania: Bucegi 2400m 179 W
17 Achillea sp (ex Utah) yellow 4-15cm 144 G
18 Achlys triphylla white-cream 20-40cm 25 G
19 Achnatherum pekinensis 60-150cm 150 G
20 Acis autumnalis white/pinkish base 7-15cm 146 G
21 Acis autumnalis 'September Snow' pure white 10cm 169 G
22 Acis nicaeensis white 5-18cm 170 G
25 Aconitum 'Ivorine' ivory/cream 60-90cm 146 G
23 Aconitum barbatum v puberulum pale yellow 55-90cm 29 G
24 Aconitum carmichaeli blue-purple 60-150cm 70 167 G
3004 Aconitum columbianum purple 200cm Oregon: Mt Ashland 2012m 118 W
26 Aconitum krylovii cream-yellow 30-130cm 46 77 G
27 Aconitum lamarckii cream-yellow 90-120cm 146 G
28 Aconitum uncinatum blue 30-250cm 77 G
29 Actaea japonica Cheju Island Form white flr/purplish-tinged new lvs 30-60cm 16 G
30 Actaea pachypoda white flr/white frt 45-60cm 16 25 172 G
32 Actaea pachypoda 'Misty Blue' white flr & frt/blue-green lvs 60-90cm 77 G
31 Actaea pachypoda f rubrocarpa white flr/red-pink frt 60-90cm 8 G
33 Actaea pachypoda x rubra white flr/pink frt 45-60cm 16 G
34 Actaea racemosa white 75-250cm 162 182 G
3005 Actaea racemosa Pennsylvania: Allegheny Co 70 W
35 Actaea rubifolia white 30-140cm 169 G
36 Actaea rubra white flr/red frt 40-80cm 25 180 G
3006 Actaea rubra Wyoming: Big Horn Co 2591m 70 W
37 Actaea simplex Atropurpurea Group white-pale pink flr/dark purple lvs 120-180cm 16 167 G
38 Adlumia fungosa white/pale pink-purple 0.5-4m 8 107 160 G
39 Adonis aestivalis red/dark base 20-50cm 89 111 G
40 Adonis davidii white/blue reverse 20-40cm 180 G
41 Aethionema armenum pink flr/blue-grey lvs 10-20cm 46 172 G
42 Aethionema capitatum pink 5-15cm 172 G
43 Aethionema glaucinum pink 5-10cm 126 G