Book of the Month

Sep 2012
Calochortus: Mariposa Lilies and their Relatives book cover
Aug 2012
Alpines: An Essential Guide book cover
Jul 2012
Tomorrow’s Garden book cover
Jun 2012
Waterwise Plants for Sustainable Gardens: book cover
May 2012
Heucheras and Heucherellas: book cover
Apr 2012
One Writer’s Garden: Eudora Welty’s Home Place book cover
Mar 2012
Weeds: In Defense of Nature’s Most Unloved Plants book cover
Feb 2012
Fifty Plants that Changed the Course of History book cover
Jan 2012
Phlox: A Natural History and Gardener's Guide book cover
Dec 2011
Founding Gardeners: book cover
Nov 2011
IRISES: A Gardener’s Encyclopedia book cover
Oct 2011
Attracting Native Pollinators: book cover