RGQ - Spring 2018

The Rise of Dutch Urbanite
Gerard van Buiten

Innovative uses for recycled materials in a Dutch botanic garden.

Bloodlines in the Rock Garden
Paul Spriggs

Visit some amazing garden and see how the rock gardening wisdom is being passed on to a new generation of gardeners

Bloodlines in the Rock Garden
Kenton Seth

How to find, propagate, and -- most importantly -- share the best plants for the rock garden.

Lost and Found
Bill Beuerlein

The story of rediscovering a very old -- and long forgotten -- rock garden.

The Perfect Stone
Lori Chips

How to choose the perfect stone for every use in the garden -- and elsewhere.

Notocactus: Gems in a Historical Genus
Mike Papay

A beatiful group of cactus from South America that adapt easily to many North American climates.

Hardy in Denver
Bob Nold

Are some plants really only hardy in Denver? Bob delves into the science of why rainfall patterns can matter as much as cold when it comes to winter hardiness.

Is That a Conifer in My Rock Garden or a Rock in My Conifer Garden?
Sara Malone

A conifer lover describes her journey to the world of rock gardening.