Plant of the Month for June 2017

Veronica schmidtiana 'Nana'
Veronica schmidtiana 'Nana'

Description and General Information:

The regular form of Veronica schmidtiana is native to alpine slopes of northern Japan and the Sakhalin Peninsula.  It forms a mat of small, 2-4 cm long divided, almost fern-like foliage and spikes of light purple-blue, darker-veined flowers on stems up to 25 cm tall. The cultivar 'Nana' has smaller leaves and shorter flower spikes reaching 10 cm.  The flowers are softer blue than the species but still have contrasting darker veins. The blooming season is mid-late summer.


This plant is a wonderful subject for the rockery but also lends itself beautifully to alpine pots and troughs. Provide full sun and a well-drained site. Hardy to zone 4. Prompt dead-heading will prevent unwanted seedlings and maintain more compact plants.


Seeds, division or cuttings


This species germinated best if given a stratification period of 6 weeks. Seeds should be surface sown as they require light for germination.


Possible on larger mats. 


Trailing stems 3-6 cm long, taken in spring, will generally root within a few weeks.

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