Plant of the Month for Aug 2023

Arabis flaviflora

Description and General Information:

In the wild, this species has a restricted distribution in the Caucasus and Transcaucasus mountains of Georgia, Azerbaijan and neighboring Russia, where it usually grows on limestone substrates in the alpine zone. Plants forms a low mat of evergreen, pubescent, grey-green leaves. Arabis flaviflora is a distinct species when in flower. The four-petalled flowers are creamy-white with a yellow base. Flowers are in racemes which elongate to 30 cm when seeds are produced but are generally under 10 cm when flowering. Some authorities claim this species is actually Arabis caucasica var. flaviflora but Kew does accept it as a distinct species.

Arabis flaviflora

Blooming Season:

March is milder areas to as late as early June in the north.


Full sun and a well-drained site is suggested. It is reasonably drought-tolerant once established. It is not too fussy about the soil pH but in the wild, it generally grows on alkaline substrates. It is hardy in zones 4-8.

Arabis flaviflora


Cuttings may be taken mid-summer and generally root quite easily.  Seeds may be directly sown at 20 C with germination taking place within a couple of weeks.

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