Plant of the Month for Mar 2024

Gypsophila repens

Description and General Information:

Gypsophila repens, commonly called creeping baby's-breath, is native to mountainous limestone areas of central and southern Europe. The plant forms a trailing mat, up to 15 cm tall and 30-45 cm across. The small, narrow leaves are paired and glaucous, tinted grey-green or blue-green.  From May in the south to July in the north, it produces sprays of tiny star-like white to pink ('Rosea') flowers.

Gypsophila repens in the wild of the Swiss Alps


This plant is among the easiest and most accommodating alpines. It prefers full sun but can tolerate part shade. It is drought and heat tolerant. While native to limestone areas, it tolerates acidic soil as well.  It is hardy from zones 2-9.  It is a popular plant for growing over retaining walls.

Gypsophila repens RoseaGypsophila repens Rosea

Bloom Season:

May in the south or mild areas to as late as July in cooler, more northern climates.


Cuttings may be taken in mid-summer but seed is perhaps the easiest way to propagate this plant.  Seeds may be direct sown at 20 C and should germinate in a couple of weeks.  Larger plants may also be dug and divided after blooming.

Gypsophila repens

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