Plant of the Month for July 2013

Oxalis 'Ute'

Description and general information:

Oxalis 'Ute' is a hybrid between the tuberous-rooted South American species O. ennaephylla 'Alba' and O. laciniata.  The plants form a low clump 5-10 cm tall with attractive grey-green to gray-blue foliage.  Plants may go summer dormant if too dry.  masses of quite large flowers are produced in late spring.  The flowers are very pale pink with a slightly darker eye.


This species is hardy to USDA zone 5, perhaps 4 with extra winter protection.  Full sun is best with adequate moisture to maintain leaves all season.  It is not fussy about the soil pH as long as the soil is well-drained.

Bloom period:

This shamrock will bloom from mid to late spring.  In cooler, moister climates, it will produce scattered blooms all summer.




Plants may be sterile or will not come true from seed.


Plants may be dug in early spring before or just as they break the surface.  The scaly, tuberous root can be easily broken and replanted, making this plant very easy to propagate.


Not practiced as the plants only have basal growth.


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