Plant of the Month for July 2020

Geum montanum

Description and General Information:

Geum montanum, known as alpine avens, is native to high elevations of south and central Europe.Plants form compact clumps with evergreen, stiffly-hairy pinnate leaves. Flowers stems arise up to 15 cm with a solitary, yellow, five-petalled, saucer-shaped flower 3-4 cm in diameter. Seed heads are like those of a miniature pasqueflower.

Blooming Season:

April in southern areas to June in northern.


Alpine avens prefers open, sunny sites but appreciates part shade in warmer regions. Any fertile, well-drained soil will suffice. It is not fussy about the soil pH. It is rated hardy to zone 5.


Division or seed


Larger clumps may be dug and divided after blooming.


Not generally practiced.


This species requires a stratification period of about 3 months. Best to sow in the fall and leave outside for the winter. Make sure to cover the seeds as they require darkness for germination.

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