Plant of the Month for February 2014

Arisaema sikokianum

Description and general information:

Arisaema sikokianum  or Japanese cobra lily, is endemic to Cryptomeria woodlands of Shikoku island and a limited area of Honsyu Island in Japan.  Plants produce a corm from which arises a pair of trifoliate leaves.  The leaves often have a central mottling down the centre of each leaflet. The spathe is produced from between the leaves. The spathe is dark brown on the outside, green on the inside of the hood with a large bright white spandix and white interior.

Plants are sexually dimorphic.  Young plants produce male flowers while older, more robust plants are female. Female flowers develop clusters of red berries in late fall.


Plants prefer rich soil and even moisture in partly shaded position.  It is hardy to at least USDA zone 5.

Blooming period:

April to June


Seeds or division


Seeds may be germinated in several ways.  Seeds may be soaked in a vial of water for a week, changing the water daily.  At the end of this period, they may be sown at 15-25 C and kept in darkness.

Better germination occurs if seeds are treated with GA or chilled moist at 4 C for 45-60 days.  Darkness enhances germination.


Larger clumps may be dug in fall or early spring and corms separated.


Not practiced

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