Plant of the Month for April 2019

Anemone ranunculoides

General Description:

Buttercup anemone, A. ranunculoides, is native to deciduous forests of central Europe. Plants reach 15 cm.  The leaves are palmately divided and lobed, and crowded below the flowers, appearing almost whorled.  Flowers, measuring about 2 cm across, are solitary with five bright yellow tepals.  Plants form large colonies as they spread by underground rhizomes.  In most parts of their native range, April is the main blooming season.


Buttercup anmone prefers organic-rich, evenly moist but well-drained, slightly acidic soil. It is a classic ephemeral woodland plant at home in dappled shade under tall trees. It can grow in full sun if the soil is reasonably moist but it can also tolerate considerable shade. If the soil is moist, it will stay green all summer but if dry, it will go summer dormant.  It is hardy zone 4-8.

Blooming Season:

March in the south but as late as May in the north.


Division, seeds


Plants may be dug before or after flowering and easily separated by division of the rhizomes.




Buttercup anemone is more quickly propagated by division however, seeds may be sown as soon as ripe and left outside for the winter, with germination in the spring.  Seed viability is rather short.

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