Plant of the Month for April 2013

Androsace bulleyana

Description and general information

Androsace bulleyana is a biennial species native to NW Yunnan and Tibet, where is grows on rocky slopes at 1800-3200 m. Plants form a basal rosette 5-10 cm in diameter. Each plant will send up one to several narrow flower stems 10-25 cm in height. They are topped with an umbel of many, 1 cm diameter flowers. The flowers are brilliant red with a yellow eye.


This androsace requires a dry, sunny site, preferably alkaline. They are ideal for a sand bed, a tufa planting or if very fortunate to own, an alpine house. They dislike winter-wet.


Bloom period







Information is mixed on this subject. Some growers direct-sow seed with success while other give them 6-8 weeks of stratification.



Not practiced as the species is biennial.



Not practiced as the species is biennial.

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