Plant of the Month for Mar 2023

Cyclamen coum

Cyclamen coum

Description and General Information:

Among the many species of Cyclamen, this species has relatively small tubers.  The foliage emerges in autumn and remains evergreen through winter. The leaves are rounded and held close to the ground.  The markings are quite variable from plain green to entirely silver on the 'pewter-leaf' types. Flowers are about 2 cm across in various shades of pink or white, generally with a darker 'eye'. Blossoms are scentless or only faintly scented. The whole plant reaches only 10 cm high.

This species has a wide geographical range, including Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel and the Caucasus. It grows in deciduous or evergreen woodlands, from sea-level to 2150m.

Cyclamen coum , pewter-leaf form

Cyclamen coum, pewter-leaf form


This cyclamen grows best in part shade or dappled shade, growing well under taller shrubs.  In more northern areas, it can tolerate full sun. This soil should be well-drained, especially in winter.  It can tolerate some summer drought while it is dormant. It is hardy to zone 5 but performs best in zone 7-8.  In colder areas, placement of evergreen boughs over the plants in winter, can help reduce winter burn.

Cyclamen coum

Blooming Season:

This is a winter or spring blooming species.  Flowering may start as early as January in mild areas to as late as May in northern areas.


Seed is the primary way of propagating this species. Soak the seeds 24-48 hours. Germinate at 20 C. Cover lightly by media and keep the pots in the dark until germination commences.

Cyclamen coum  Cyclamen coum