Plant of the Month for Jul 2023

Alchemilla alpina

Description and General Information:

This is one of the smaller species of lady's-mantle, forming mounds of leaves 15-20 cm high and up to 45 cm wide.  Each palmately-divided leaf has 6-7 leaflets.  While the upper surface is deep green, the lower is brilliant silvery-white with the edges of the leaves also appearing silvery.  The foliage is mostly evergreen. The tiny lime-green flowers are produced in dense clusters, held just above the foliage. It is native to Arctic-montane moorlands and alpine meadows of Europe, extending into southern Greenland.

Alchemilla alpinaAlchemilla alpina


Blooming Season:

June to September in the wild, but as early as May in warmer garden locations.


This lady's-mantle is an easy species to accommodate. Grow it in full sun to part shade in any well-drained soil that does not get too wet.  While hardy in zones 3-7, it performs better in cooler regions.

Alchemilla alpinaAlchemilla alpina


Propagation by seed is quite easy.  In fact, plants often self-seed.  Generally, fall sowing is successful or stratify the seeds for 8 weeks.  Larger plants may be dug in spring and divided into smaller sections.


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