Plant of the Month for June 2019

Ajuga orientalis


Eastern or Oriental bugle, Ajuga orientalis, is a widespread plant occuring from Greece east to the Caucasus and south through the middle east. It occurs on open, sandy, gritty soils, generally over limestone, from sea-level to over 2000m. Plants vary in height from 15-45 cm tall.  The rosetted leaves are generally evergreen and hairy.  The flowers are produced in a dense, very hairy spike with deep purple-blue flowers emerging from the copious hairs.


Full sun in a well-drained, gritty mix.  Lime is preferred.  Great candidate for troughs, crevice or tufa garden. Hardy to at least zone 4.

Blooming Season:

May to June in the wild but as early as April in cultivation.


Seeds, division


After flowering, larger plants may be carefully divided into single rosettes.




Sow seeds at 20 C; there is no need for stratification.


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