Alpines in April

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We had some snowflakes the other day, but nothing on the ground. There has been more rain than usual at this time of year, but sunny today and some warmer days forecast before we go back to chilly with a risk of snow

Trond- still lots of snow on the ground here, in shady and low places.. my largest snow pile is down to 3-4 feet tall even though some other spots- sometimes just a few feet away- have been bare for weeks.


Some things flowering now in the rock gardens, but also some bad news: voles (under the snow over winter) seem to have mostly/wiped out the patch of Pulsatillas I was showing photos from last fall and then. to add insult to injury, the crocuses I was happy to see the voles had left alone- right beside the pulsas- were later munched after the snow was gone- probably the rabbit that has been hanging around the yard :(  I've scattered various aromatics in the hope it may discourage the munching.. we'll see... On the plus side, the Cory seedlings planted out in the fall, and Cyclamen p. in the area have been left alone.. remains to be seen what else that was on the berm with the Pulsas will show up- various Asteraceae, Geum etc..


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There was a population explosion of voles(?) here too - the perennial beds in the back yard look like they've been rototilled. My Scilla mitschenkoana must have been delicious.  surprise   Oh well, I'm sure there's a ton of seedlings in there that will soon replace what's been eaten.  I imagine some seedlings I planted out last year have been buried by all the earth-moving too.

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Cohan and Lori, sorry to hear about the damage done by the voles. Fortunately we have no voles here!

A bit colder today, only +3C (37F) this morning but even the oaks have leafed out now in the warm weather we have had! That is almost a month earlier than last year.

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