RGQ - Winter 2017/18

The Barrens: Heathland of Newfoundland
A tour through the botanical treasures of the Newfoundland Barrens
Alpine Troughs at the Memorial University Botanical Garden
A description and history of the wide variety of beautiful troughs on display at the Memorial University Botanical Garden in Newfoundland, Canada.
Burnt Cape: Newfoundland’s Botanical Hotspot
Burnt Cape is one of the botanically richest parts of Newfoundland, and this article takes us through the diverse plants to be found there.
Yunnan: A Plant Hunter’s Paradise
Reflecting on two trips to Yunnan, Anna recounts the incredible flora of one of the most diverse places in the world.
A Journey Up the Rocky Road of Hepatica
Glenn holds the National Collection of Hepaticas in the United Kingdom, and has a long history collecting and studying this underappreciated genus that is so desirable for shady rock gardens.
Building a Pondless Waterfall
A professional water feature designer and installer gives detailed instructions on creating a waterfall to complement your rock garden.
Potted Pines -- and Spruces Too
Troughs and other containers are not just for tiny buns and alpines, conifers thrive there as well.
NARGS Hive Mind: Troughs
Drawing on information, photos, and experience sent in by NARGS members, this article is the membership's combined wisdom on the many many different ways you can create a trough.
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