RGQ - 2014 Cumulative Index

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These three parts of the Cumulative Index represent the accumulated work of the 12

editors of the Rock Garden Quarterly and its various precursor publications. Inevitably this

means that different criteria may have been applied as to what warrants indexing. This

presents relatively few problems in the Author Index, relatively few in the Plant Index,

but major problems in the Subject Index where the criteria that might be applied are

almost wholly a matter of subjective judgement.


This is not a completelyt re-edited index with every reference having been checked

through so, inevitably, there are errors in this index but the value of making it available

online alongside the complete archive of issues seems clear despite any such errors. A

group led by Ben Burr has been working for some time developing a three-part fullylinked

searchable index, and work is pretty much completed on the Author Index. This

also involves complete updating of all references so that they can be linked. Obviously

their work will be invaluable but it will be a considerable time before the whole project is

brought to fruition.


Even when the new index is complete and fully implemented I believe there is still value

in a traditional, browsable index. I like to have the opportunity to browse an index

alongside the valuable addition of a fully-linked index and I do not believe I am alone in this.


Malcolm McGregor

January 2014