Plant of the Month for November 2012

Solidago multiradiata

Description and general information

This species of goldenrod is among the smallest in stature. Plants range in height from 5 to 45 cm. The leaves are partly evergreen and plants are tufted. The flower stems are topped with a tight, rounded cluster of yellow 'daisies' in early to mid-summer.

This goldenrod is native to alpine and subarctic regions of North America, from Newfoundland west to Alaska and south through the Rockies. It prefers, but is not restricted to, limestone substrates.


This dwarf goldenrod is relatively easy in cultivation. Plants prefer full sun and well-drained soil but are tolerant to moist, peaty soil. They are not fussy about the soil pH. They are hardy through zone 2.

Bloom period

Late June through August, depending on the elevation or latitude.


Division or seed; cuttings to a lesser degree.


Seed may be direct sown at 20 C and will germinate within a couple of weeks.


Large clumps may be dug and divided in spring or late summer after blooming.


Horizontal rhizomes, with a terminal tuft of leaves, may be removed in late spring and treated as a cutting. They will root in a couple of weeks.

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