Plant of the Month for July 2019

Sedum kamtschaticum


This sedum has trailing stems that mostly die-back to the base during the winter.  Overall plant habit is mounding, reaching to 15 cm.   The scalloped leaves are somewhat egg-shaped and fleshy, bright green. Star-shaped yellow flowers are produced in flat-topped clusters.  It is native to Siberia, Northern China and the Kamtschatka Peninsula.


This species is easily grown on any well-drained site in full sun or part shade. Prefers poorer soils to rich ones. Hardy to zone 2.

Blooming Season:

June to July


Division, cuttings or seeds


Large plants may be dug in spring or after flowering and broken into smaller pieces.


Stems easily root at any time during the growing season.


Direct sow at about 20 C; germination in about 8 weeks.

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