Plant of the Month for May 2020

Scilla rosenii

Description and General Information:

This scilla species is native to NE Turkey and the Transcaucasus region of Georgia, Armenia and Russia.  It typically grows in damp, peaty subalpine meadows, blooming within a few days of the snow melt. Leaves and flower stems may reach 10-15 cm. The flowers are generally azure-blue at their tips, fading to nearly white near their base, but may vary from pure white to deep blue. The petals reflex like those of a cyclamen.

Blooming Season:

In the wild, it generally flowers late April to early June but in cultivation may begin blooming as early as March in mild winter areas.


This scilla requires a well-drained but evenly moist soil.  They can tolerate quite wet soil as they emerge in spring.  Plant them in sun to part shade, in groups to provide a more impactful display.  Ideal rock garden subject as it is slow to multiply compared to other scilla species.


Seed or division.


If the bulbs clump up, then they may be dug and divided as the foliage begins to die down.




Sow seeds in fall and leave outdoors for the winter.  It will take 3-4 years for them to reach flowering size.

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