Plant of the Month for June 2018

Saxifraga cespitosa

Description and General Information:

Saxifraga cespitosa is a species mossy saxifrage.  It forms a low evergreen mound with soft, somewhat succulent foliage.  Off-white flowers are produced on stems 3-8 cm tall.  They may be solitary or in clusters of up to 5. It is found in northern regions of North America and Eurasia, where it typically grows on limestone but is not exclusive.  It occurs on mossy rocks, talus slopes, rocky crevices or among cold streams.


This species is not fond of hot dry weather and is perhaps not suited to areas south of zone 6 with the exception of cooler coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest.  It performs best in alpine troughs or crevice gardens.  Ensure good drainage but the soil must not be allowed to become dry. Newfoundland forms appear the most amenable to cultivation.

Blooming Season:

June or July in the wild; as early as May in more southern climates.


Primarily by seed but also from cuttings


Stratify fresh seeds 10 weeks then germinate at 10 C.  Older seed may need up to two years to germinate.


Tips may be rooted in a mix of sand and peat in mid-summer.



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