Plant of the Month for May 2019

Primula algida

General Description:

Primula algida is a low, rosetted plant reaching 20 cm tall.  Overall it looks similar to P. farinosa but generally lacks farina. The 1.6 cm diameter flowers are mauve, violet or pink, produced in heads of 4 to many flowers.  In the wild is occurs on rocky ledges and seepages at elevations of 1600-3200m. It is native from Turkey east to Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia and Tibet and south through Iran, Iraq to Afghanistan.


In cool coastal areas this primrose will tolerate full sun but in most areas part shade is appreciated.  The soil must never dry out however it should be well-drained and organic-rich. Neutral pH is best.  It is apt to do better in a trough or pot culture than in the open garden.  It is naturally short-lived so seed should be saved when possible.

Blooming Season:

May in the wild but from April to June in cultivation.


Primarily by seed.


Not often practiced as plants rarely become large enough for division.




Direct sow at 20 C; no stratification required.




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