Plant of the Month for September 2016

Veronica fruticans
Veronica fruticans

Description and General Information:

Rock speedwell or Veronica fruticans, is a low, creeping sub-shrub with small, shiny, spoon-shaped to oval leaves and spikes of intense blue flowers.  Plants are semi-evergreen and can reach 5-10 cm. high.  It is native to the mountains of Europe from Scandinavia, Iceland south to Spain and east to Greece.


This species prefers full sun and well-drained soil.  It is tolerant of poor soils and is not fussy about the soil pH. It is listed as hardy from zones 5-8.

Blooming Period:

Mid-spring to early summer.


Seeds, division and cuttings. While they may be propagated in several ways, seed-grown plants are often the most robust.


Seeds may be directly sown at 15-20 C; no need for stratification.


Larger mats may be dug and divided after flowering.


Plants often layer themselves; non-flowering stems will easily root if a small section of the woody-base is maintained.


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