Plant of the Month for November 2016

Saxifraga cebennensis
Saxifraga cebennensis

Description and General Information:

This saxifrage belongs to the "mossy" group.  It forms a tight rounded bun with cleft, somewhat sticky, evergreen foliage.  Masses of white flowers arise several on 5 cm stems. The flowers are quite large, reaching nearly a centimetre in diameter. In the wild, it is highly endemic and restricted to limestone in the Cevennes mountains of southern France.


This saxifrage prefers full sun but in warmer regions, should be shaded from the hot afternoon sun.  It requires a well-drained site, preferably with the addition of lime.  It is not drought-tolerant.  It is an ideal subject for an alpine house.  Outdoors, growing on tufa seems to be the best way to cultivate this species.  It also does well in alpine troughs.

Blooming Season:

May to June depending on the location.


By seeds.


Germination is best if fresh seed are used.  Surface sow, as the seeds are dust-like. They need a stratification period of 3 months.


Not generally practiced.


Not generally practiced.

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