Plant of the Month for November 2015

Geum reptans
Geum reptans

Description and General Information:

Geum reptans grows on alpine screes and moraines at elevations of 2300-3800 m.  It is distributed among the Alps, Balkans and Carpathian mountains. In the wild it is usually confined to acidic rock.

Plants have a matted growth habit as they reproduce by producing red, strawberry-like stolons.  Its rosette leaves, which reach to 15 cm in length, are pinnate with round, serrated leaflets.  Solitary 3-5 cm diameter yellow flowers are produced on short stems 10-25 cm high.  These later develop into attractive seedheads, reminiscent of a small Pulsatilla.


Full sun and well-drained site.  They prefer acidic soil over alkaline. Considered hardy from zone 4-8.

Blooming Period:

April in warmer regions to June in cooler.  In the wild, July and August are the main blooming season.


Seeds, stolons


Direct sow at 20 C; germination should occur within a few weeks.


Not commonly practiced as plants are more easily raised from seed or from stolons.


It is propagated not so much from cuttings as from stolons.  Plants often produce stolons that end in a new plantlet.  Once rooted, these plantlets may be moved to a new location.

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