Plant of the Month for March 2016

Campanula collina
Campanula collina

Description and General Information:

Campanula collina, aka Armenian or sage-leaved bellflower, is native to the Caucasus of Armenia and adjacent  eastern Turkey.  In the wild, it inhabits meadows and rocky slopes up to 1600 m ASL.

This bellflower is an upright, slowly-spreading clumper, reaching 20 to 30 cm.  The leaves are pubescent; the basal leaves long-stalked and somewhat spoon-shaped while the stem leaves are more lance-shaped with short stems.  The deep purple-blue bell-shaped flowers, about 3 cm long, are produced on one-sided racemes.


This species is easily grown in well-drained soil that is reasonably moist.  It prefers soil that is neutral to slightly alkaline.  Full sun is best in northern regions but in more southern locations, light afternoon shade is desirable. Hardy through zone 4.

Blooming Period:

June and July


Seeds or division.


Direct sow at 20 C; no stratification period required.


Large clumps may be dug and divided in early spring or fall.


Not practiced.


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