Plant of the Month for July 2016

Dianthus petraeus var. noeanus
Dianthus petraeus var. noeanus

Description and General Information:

This species of Dianthus is native to the Balkans, where it grows in full sun among alpine and subalpine rocky ledges and screes.  Plants form relatively compact domes of narrow, leaves which are often blue-tinted.  The flowers are solitary atop 10-15 cm stems.  Blossoms are deeply lacerated and highly fragrant.


Any well-drained soil in full sun will accommodate this non-fussy Dianthus species.  It is surprisingly tolerant to winter-wet.  Considered hardy to zone 3.

Blooming Period:

Compared to other Dianthus species, this one is relatively late-blooming, often flowering July and August.


Seeds or cuttings.


Seeds may be sown directly with no need for stratification.  They generally germinate freely in about 2-3 weeks.


Not generally practiced.


Cuttings may be taken mid-summer and rooted in a shady frame, but growing from seed is so easy that taking cuttings is somewhat redundant.

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