Plant of the Month for February 2016

Lilium pumilum
Lilium pumilum

Description and General Information:

This lily is native to grassy meadows and open shrubby areas of Mongolia, Siberia, Manchuria and North Korea.  It is a stem-rooting species reaching 75 cm.  The very narrow leaves are crowded and numerous. Plants are topped with up to 20 (normally 10) nodding, reflexed, orange-red flowers about 5 cm in diameter.  Flowers may or may not be spotted. This species is also known by the name L. tenuifolium.


This lily prefers cool soil that is well-drained yet reasonably high in organic content.  Full sun is best but in warmer regions, will tolerate part-shade. The soil pH should be 5-7. Hardy to zone 3. Plants have a tendency to be short-lived.

Blooming Period:

June or July.




Direct sow at 20 C.


If you are fortunate to produce a larger clump with several stems, they may be dug in fall and divided.



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