Plant of the Month for August 2020

Campanula barbata
Campanula barbata

Description and General Information:

Bearded bellflower, C. barbata, is found in the Polish Alps, Italian Dolomites as well as one location in Norway. Generally it grows in limestone. Plants form a low rosette of lance-shaped leaves. Flower stems, that arise 10-25 cm, end in a small cluster of pale lavender-blue, 2-3 cm long bells that are distinctly hairy along the margins of their lobes. It also comes in white or deep violet-blue.

Blooming Season:

It blooms as early as June in mild locations, but as late as August in the north.


This bellflower requires full sun and a well-drained soil. Alkaline conditions are ideal. Its small size lends itself use in larger troughs. Plants are naturally short-lived so seed should be saved. It is hardy to zone 5.






Direct seed at 20 C; germination should occur within 8 weeks.

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