Plant of the Month for August 2017

Draba incerta
Draba incerta

Description and General Information:

This Draba has small, spoon-shaped, pubescent leaves that are packed into evergreen rosettes.  Overall, the plant is loosely tufted.  It is a tap-rooted species.  The flower stems arise 5-15 cm topped with 3-15, exceptionally 30 small 5 mm diameter yellow, four-petalled flowers.  The blooming season is generally June and July.

This species is native to shale or limestone rocky outcrops, talus slopes and gravelly alpine meadows primarily in the mountains of western North America.  The distribution ranges from Alaska south to Utah, at elevations up to 3300m.  In Alaska, it grows at sea-level!  Interestingly there is a single disjunct population on the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.


This Draba requires full sun and a well-drained, gritty soil.  While not obligate to limestone, it does prefer some lime in the growing substrate.




This species requires 6-8 weeks stratification and will germinate at quite cold temperatures (40 F).  Better germination and more sturdy plants are obtained if seedlings are grown below 60 F.


Not generally practiced.


Not generally practiced.

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