Plant of the Month for August 2016

Saponaria lutea
Saponaria lutea

Description and General Information:

Saponaria lutea is a low, tufted plant with narrow but short, almost grass-like leaves. Small flat-topped clusters of flowers arise on 5-10 cm stems.  Individual flowers are about 1 cm across with five narrow, pale straw-yellow petals.

This species is native to the southern Alps where it grows among subalpine to alpine grasses and rocks.


Full sun, well-drained soil and preferably, limestone-based soil, it ideal for this plant. Hardy to zone 3.

Blooming Period:

May to July


Seeds, cuttings


Direct sow at 13-20 C; germination should happen within 1-3 months.


Not commonly practiced.


2-3 cm long cuttings may be taken in late summer.

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