Plant of the Month for August 2014

Phyllodoce glanduliflora
Phyllodoce glanduliflora

Description and General Information:

Phyllodoce glanduliflora, or yellow mountain heather, is native to northwestern North America, from Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Oregon and Washington, north through Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska.  It grows from subalpine forests to the alpine tundra.

Plants are woody, with a low mat-like habit.  Stems reach to 20 cm, clothed in narrow, needle-like evergreen leaves.  The nodding, urn-shaped flowers are produced in terminal clusters. Both the flowers and the pedicels are covered in sticky, glandular hairs.


This species requires full sun and a well-drained but evenly moist soil. It has a preference for acidic soil. While it grows into regions considered zone 2, they are covered under deep snowcover, providing them considerable winter protection.  In the garden, it would suffer if unprotected in areas colder than zone 5.

Blooming Period:

April to July; in the wild they may bloom into August.


Seeds, cuttings


Seeds may be direct sown at 70 F.  They require light for germination.


Not practiced.


Tip cuttings about 6-9 cm may be taken from mid-summer through mid-fall.

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