Plant of the Month for April 2017

Saxifraga sancta
Saxifraga sancta

Description and General Information:

This Kabschia saxifrage is native to NE Greece and western Turkey, growing on limestone rocks. The plants form a bright green, moss-like, evergreen mound with narrow, stiff, pointed leaves. The flowers are produced in a dense cluster of 3-7 blossoms atop 5 cm stems from March in mild areas to May in colder regions. The bright yellow flowers are relatively small compared to many of the more recent Kabschia hybrids. This species is usually available in the variety macedonica, which differs from the species by having slightly larger flowers on stems up tom 8 cm tall.


This species requires a well-drained soil with plenty of limestone.  In the north and cooler coastal regions it can tolerate full sun, otherwise it is best grown on a north slope.  It is ideal for tufa gardens and alpine troughs. It can be shy to bloom if the soil is too fertile. It is hardy to zone 3.


Seeds, cuttings and division


The fine seeds should be surface-sown and require 8 weeks of stratification.


Shortly after flowering, single rosettes may be excised from the main plant, and stuck in a sandy medium under light shade.


Larger plants may be dug and divided just after flowering.


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